Ranked Game Rules

What do you think about ranked game rules. In my opinion rules are so bad. I’ve played this games for a years and I’ve some habits. I don’t want to play in water maps or arena(and kind of arena, like hideout).With this condition 7 of 9 maps kind like i hate play. Okey I don’t want design the game for me but some maps are not suitable for ranked games, arena, nomad and megarandom are 3 of them which tournament played with that 3 maps, these are fun maps and should’ve stay just like that. And other big problem is civ picking, I don’t want play against persian each nomad or four lake game, I haven’t seen more than 10 civ in 200 ranked game.Oldies knows when we play voobly ranked game rules were certain arabia, 200 pop, ai hardest, standart resources, standart reveal map, random civ. So in the conclusion theese are my feelings and i want to learn yours

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This point is already discussed multiple times on this forum. Summarizing your points:

  1. You want pick map, not random map for a pool (with some bans).
  2. You want random civ.

Map choice

There are really two schools of thoughts for this one:

  1. They love the change
  2. They hate the change

It seem like you are part of the ‘They hate the change’. I am part of ‘They love the change’. In another thread i already posted a motivation for why i love the change. I will quote me own post:

For some more context about this post: The original post is in this thread: Aoe 2 DE 1 min Resign for no point loss

You said you wanna learn other feelings, so here you have my feelings. I hope you understand my reasoning behind the feelings.

Civ choice

Again, some might love the change, some hate it. For this case i am on your side. I would love to have random civ match up. There is already posted some suggestions for this. I do hope the devs will listen. The best option i have seen is to have a option in the ranked queue where you say you will play picked civ matchups, random civ match ups or dont have a preference. So match making will use that setting to find the right opponent. I would love if such thing will be implemented to the game. I also get a bit tired of seeing the same civ over and over again (and dont see other civs).