Ranked Games Not Counting, and A Few Bugs

Same - I’ve played over 20 games and not a single one has counted.


Yup, it says I have a 7 loss streak and counts none of my wins over the last few days.

mi too,Many innings don’t count

Can confirm this happens to me to. Played around 6 games of ranked, only 3 have been recorded.

My last 2 wins in ranked queue didn’t count but it keeps counting my defeats ( in treaty)

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i hope they reset the ladder after they fixed it. win / loss is broken for many ppl.


I went down by so much ranking because all my losses counted and my wins didn’t. This is a joke. The ladder needs to be fixed AND reset.

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Same issue for me as well.

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Same here. Multiplayer is a mess man. Leaderboard also doesnt work. It’s not even possible to search by name and rank of your opponent also doesn’t show when your matched. Very demotivating if you want to play competitively.


Same here, I won 7 games in a row and it doesn’t register even one.

i started playing ranked too from 10 games can only see 6 also if i want to check the player i have played against i have to check the last played players with/against but there i cant see the players that my games did not count

No news, I’m sure it’s being worked on in a major patch.

It would have likely helped if months of beta testers and the 1st release patches reported it on time too.

Plz post here whenever it seems to be addressed so we can all know.

Hello friends! This issue should now be fixed as of Update 5208:

Please let us know if you continue seeing issues and I will be sure it is re-escalated to the team!

Thanks for keeping us informed! :+1:


Please fix the ladder so you can view every 2nd page and beyond 200 players.

Looks very unprofessional atm when u go into the ladder

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I just got a loss counted when my opponent lost connection - not sure if this is related.

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that is a trick that cheaters were using on age 3 asian dinasties. They disconeted from game when losing and sometiems you got a lose instead of wining i dont know on what it depended

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Still not fixed. Loss counted but 3 wins in the past few days all did not count. Same bug.

the enemy player quits, i got victory message, did it count?