Ranked ladder player distribution fixed

i used to be gold, now i am diamond, did anyone else see a similar high jump in rank? I know this is due to the fix they did yesterday. just checking if everyone got the same amount of jump in rank or…

this was the ranked player distribution before this fix, wondering what it is now

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It seems like way too much?..

I jumped to conqueror III which basically no more reason to play ladder to get higher.

Old high diamond I is now coq I, someone high Bronze III could be Plat III and almost diamond.

They likely did some tyoe of standards distribution of points based on winning percentage, which if everyone kept playing rank it would sort itself put as true conquers would push the fakes back to diam plat and so on and so forth. But likely if someone that wasnt really active got a high eank they previously never dreamed of achieving? Yea that guy/gal is done for the season.

I didn’t go anywhere special… i was plat 2 always hovering between plat 1 and 3 and now I’m diamond 2?? Which isnt at all far from where i was prior?

i am just one point away from dropping down to platinum, i aint playing another ranked for this season now, i want my diamonds. and i know i am straight away going to loose like 10 games to drop down to my real rank now.

I went from bronze 2 to silver 1. After being crushed in bronze all week I ended up winning my first two games with my new rank and am now Silver 3. So I went from Bronze 2 to Silver 3 in one day, not a bad day lol. 90 games in now and I kept bouncing around between bronze 2 and 3 not sure I’ve actually earned silver but at least I’ve won the first two games in it to keep my confidence up.

To make it extra good my last win came as English in a English VS French matchup. Always feels to good to hold a aggressive French player but even better to pull it off my 2nd game in my new rank.

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Yeah if losing doesnt hutt like it use to in the old system and winnning is more rewarding in the new system, everyone should be incentived to play bc you simple get rewarded for playing and keeping on avg a 50% win rate.

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this is the new player distribution of the ranked ladder

the unusual spike in diamond is probably where their formula failed, or it might be a genuine distribution, idk, but i know that i am not touching my rank before season 2 :smiley:

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For what it’s worth, your hidden elo (which is used to find other opponents via matchmaking) did not change, this fix is purely visual and should have no impact on the quality of the players you’re matched with, aside from them having shinier medals by their name.

The big spikes in the distribution is likely due to the irregular point requirements for each rank, for example, you need 170 points to climb from Bronze 3 to Silver 1, while climbing from Silver 1 all the way to Gold 1 is only 110 in comparison.

Now that the formula has been fixed, one rank should be lost for every week you don’t play, to force those who camp on a level to play.

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they will probably fix that as well as the bottom half of the ladder isnt evenly distributed, resulting in a lot of players in Bronze 3, or is that where all players start from?

where is this info, couldnt find it?

What info? About ranks?

I aint playing rank bc I’m trying to enjoy the PUP as much as possible since i dont see any extensions posted :disappointed:.

That new zoom (even though the angle is bad) is preferred over the current live patch zoom… so i dread going back.

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This was a great change.
I don’t know if the same happened for more ppl, but before the update I was constantly getting players that were in different ranks than I was, today I played like 10+ games and all of them were against ppl in the same rank!

I think I’ve noticed the same thing. I spent forever in bronze but after the rank boost I got boosted up to silver 1. I’ve won my last 5 games now and am Gold 1 facing players usually just below me in rank. It did put me in with a bronze 2 my last game though which felt a bit unfair since I just went for a sacred victory while they walled in probably not knowing they had to come out and attack. I’ve gone from Bronze 2 to Gold 1 in just over 24 hours using this system. Almost feels like I’m shooting up too fast although a 5 game win streak is always a bit unusual I think.

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where it says if you dont play for a week it drops your rank

That was just feedback given to me xD.

This is the opposite experience from what I’ve had since the update. Everyone has been in a much higher rank than me.

No, I used to be bronze 3/silver 1. and now I am gold 3.