Ranked Matchmaking RoR, DM, Empire Wars

So I just noticed that there is a new couple of lines to show your Return of Rome ranked ladder elo+rank. I don’t have return of rome, but I did like ranked match making for DM.

Remind me again why we had to remove DM ranked matchmaking to fit Empire Wars ranked match making in?

Ranked and match making are two different things. We still have RoR and DM ranked. But based on the terrible lobby system. So without match making. So yeah, there is already a ranked RoR system, but no one is using it, because it doesnt contain match making.


Ah I guess I had made an assumption seeing the ranked scores that if you were in RoR it would replace the matchmaking aoe2 with a matchmaking ror, but yeah that was a big assumption. If that’s not the case, whoops sorry.

I don’t know if there’s a limit to matchmaking systems but in the last update, they removed Battle Royale as well as Empire Wars from Quick Play that were both Matchmaking based, so maybe you could use those to reimplement Deathmatch matchmaking and Return of Rome


Wonder if they will ever fix that