Ranked RoR

More then a month ago the devs have stated:

Additionally, we have heard feedback about Ranked play in Return of Rome not being easily accessible and will be adding a few things to help alleviate this issue.

Does anyone what this means and when it comes to the game? Just this statement is very vague.

I really hope this means they will add some kind of match making system. That is by far the biggest missing feature which is posted about this one. I wish this was included at the release and i hope it is not too late to add it too RoR, since it looks like the hype around RoR is already gone.


Its Just a fun mode, aoe1 apart From vietanamese playerbase is gone

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So it looks like no one really knows what the devs meant with this statement and what improvement they want to add.

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They meant the button for ranked (a last minute addition with the May/June hotfix), that leads you directly to a ranked filtered lobby browser.

Why not just add rank matchmaking like we already have in AOE2DE?


94 players in 1v1 and 160 in TG according to aoe2insights. Word’s Edge took out DM with its 1-2k active leaderboard out of matchmaking. Now guess why ROR doesnt have it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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That’s disappointing. I really had high hopes for RoR

I think lobby-based ranked games simply don’t work anymore for AoE 2 as with DE, players got used to matchmaking. The 1v1 DM ladder currently for example has 48 players.

In AoE 1 DE, they do have a Quick Match button which works like ranked but nobody uses it. Currently, there are 448 players on AoE 1 DE’s ladder.

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People expected a proper ranked mode, but were stuck with the terrible lobby system. As result people didnt really tried RoR ranked.

I am pretty sure RoR ranked would be more alive if it had a proper ranked mode at launch. Adding it now is probably too late. The hype around RoR is already death.

To me is not reasonable to be declared dead, something that is good enough to be dead.

Of course the current player base is not my advocate. But still, this is an issue that can be changed, because of the main point of game’s existence, the aoe2 engine.

Also, as long as the implementation of ranked mode is a copy-paste process from the main game, I believe it should be done some time.

Just to clarify: I rather the match making system also.
A proper ranked mode wont be implemented unless people play more and more on ranked lobbies tho. Less daydreaming, more lobby playing.

How many times you need to tell the same to convince urself?

That gameport is ded, it was always ded, it was ded before releasing, cause the original game was already ded.

Dlc’s do not sell that good to suddenly resurrect an already abandoned game by its own community, what was left for aoe1 are the same people that have kept playing the game since 1998, just like aoe2 on voobly or aoe2 HD the difference has always been the numbers, aoe1 had 50 active players on gaming zone, 50 active players on voobly years later and 50 active games on aoe1 DE, your expectation were simply beyond reasonable.

Match making requires thousands of active players not just dozens or hundreds playing at the same time, a simple dlc based on a 50 concurrent players is not going to magically multiply those numbers aoe2 players guess what? they play aoe2 and they would stick to it after seeing the awful civ balance and design.

And what a malicious person like you has to offer regarding that particular DLC? Nothing is the answer.

Seems like you didn’t take your lesson, even after you got destroyed on your most recent rant thread regarding the “dying” aoe2, and you came in this thread to continue your deconstructing rhetoric.

In a few words:

Aoe1DE is not “ded”, nor “abandoned by its community”, you are totally clueless about its concurrent player base, and you don’t have a clue about how many players are needed in order to an automatic matchmaking system become a reality, because you have never been member of the developing team.

You are not entitled to speak on behalf of aoe2 players either, only for yourself; because for every one like you there is another one like me, an aoe2 player since 1999, who will tell you that is willing to spend time on “aoe1 in aoe2 engine”, because it’s absolutely worthwhile; it’s the aoe2 that I like QoL-wise, in another excellent period of history. And you don’t have any experience about its gameplay balance too, apparently; nor the willing to offer well-intentioned feedback.

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Any new info on ranked in Return of Rome or have the devs already moved onto another project? Sigh.

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I wouldn’t have much hope for ranked in RoR. The active player base in this game mode is tiny (last month someone mentioned ~600 people or so?). Deathmatch and Empire Wars had larger numbers than that and were removed from ranked ladder due having an insufficient player pool, so… yeah, I wouldn’t count on ranked games to be added any time soon.

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Wondering the same. I don’t get why they didn’t add a proper matching making at launch of the DLC


RoR just seem to be another money grab from the devs. I already see it happen in the near future: AoE1 will be taken down / unsupported. I guess that was their main goal of RoR: Just having to support only 1 engine instead of 2.


Which is fine, I suppose. Would just like to have a more complete version with ranked multiplayer available.

The devs doesnt seem to care about adding things like this. Which is ashame.

RoR would have been a much greater hit if it was launched with a proper ranked environment. Now it already seems to late to turn the tide.

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Unfortunate. Maybe one day we’ll have a version of the original Age of Empires that is on parity with Age of Empires II.