Rankeds should be standard victory, not conquest!

Fixing the rankeds to conquest is really bad for who plays defensive and monk civilizations.

The monks lost the victory by picking relics.
Archer civs are prejudiced by having to advance instead of protecting their walls.

Offensive civilizations are highly advantage as they only have to keep attacking with no worries about relics or wonders.

Having this features only to play custom games is silly.


I agree. It is actually very annoying that it is conquest.

I’ve had several games where people hide with villagers in the corners allready or somewhere else just to be annoying.

It would be nice to be able to place a wonder or capture the relics.
Allso… what would i use the hun bonus for excactly?



I think the devs should ask the top players if the wonders and relics really break the game. If they don’t matter or they make the game more diverse, why do you remove the mechnism which is originally designed for standard multiplayer just because some people believe this will make the games end faster?

Also, I suggest adding a few sea maps in the RM map pool in the future. I think players having 10~30% chance to get sea maps will be fine.


Conquest is for competitive. Rest are good in unranked.


I think they should offer and maintain ranked standard, conquest and deathmatch ladders.


Conquest has been the standard for competitive play for the past 20 years. It would make no sense to change it now.


I think wonder victory will still be nearly impossible in the high level competive games even in the standard rule.
Conquest is fine to me. But if wonder doesn’t matter, why don’t we just go standard rule to let Hun’s unique tech make a bit more sense literally?


You CAN STILL WIN BY CONQUEST in standard mode. If you don’t want it, it is not because you wont be able to win by conquest, but because YOU THINK YOU CAN LOOSE by other ways. (and probably plays with a civ that takes advantage of it)

It makes no sense to have a wonder to build and it does absolutely NOTHING. Bonus such as Hun’s are useless.

I think standard victory could be a nice thing to consider. We had some tournaments in AOE1 DE which use standard victory - 99% of the games were still won by conquest but there are few games won by wonder, and they are all exciting game and there were tense moments defending the wonder.

Obviously defensive play is much much stronger in AOE2, so we may need input from top players to make sure wonder strategy is still a niche and not a common thing.

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I still don’t get a reason to don’t do it since you can still win by conquest. the most of the replies disagreeing are just ad hominem

If played on standard, players will use wonders/relics if that seems a viable strategy. Most players don’t like the gameplay that brings with it (walling a lot, stalling the game etc.). That’s why the agreed upon setting in basically every ranked game of the last decade has been conquest.


Is players don’t like it why would players do it? If they do it they like it. It doesn’t look as an agreement tho

People who demand this and love forced map pools are just the vocal minority imho. They want their choices to be forced to others as they already know that, on a free map and free victory type ranked system they won’t find many people. The majority will go for conquest + arabia/nomad/black forest/arena.

Majority of the players doesn’t like it, majority of the players are not on this forum.

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I don’t get exactly who you are talking about since it is already a closed pool + conquest. open map is ok for me.
and it is not a way to force it into others since you can still win by conquest in standard mode, but you can’t win by standard in conquest mode.
this is forcing into others.
and if being minority is a reason to force or ignore them, then tell the minorities to don’t buy the game

If it turns out that wonder/relic victories are an optimal way to win the game, then players who are competing for top ranks would have to adopt those strategies, or risk getting left behind.

The issue that people take with it is that the meta that would develop around wonder/relic victories would lead to very boring, passive, defensive games.


I agree with that, except if the game is a custom wonder race and there’s only place for one wonder in the center e.g., also I agree that conquest is the default for ranked as fast paced games are more exciting. Let’s see how it all turns out in time first.

So the only reason is that top rank players that are a the smaller group possible, would not like to adapt to a “”"“new”""" (standard exists since AOE1) style of game they find boring? remembering that it would still be optional

I don’t think that is the only reason. You have to start somewhere. Like I said already I’m in favor of offering more different kinds of ranked cookies.

We want we and our opponents to be able to win only by conquest and play the game to achieve that. The strategies on standard mode deemed as boring to the majority of the players. Jineapple clearly explained it.

If you want to play standard mode ranked matches with people who want to play standard mode, i am all for it. You should be able to play however you like. Just don’t expect many people to join you.

I’d be ok with 2 queues. we kinda already have multiple queues

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