Ranking is Broken

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  • OS: Windows 10

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Check top players on the treaty leader boards, alot have very few games yet are at the top. Example, there is a player with 10 wins 0 looses who is #1.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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1. Check Leader boards

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Accurate rankings.

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Looks dumb.

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For some reason one category of ranking influences your rank in other categories. For example a top supremacy 1v1 player only has to play 1-2 games to become top treaty player, as his elo from supremacy 1v1 (for example 1900) is then transferred to treaty after he wins one game (doesn’t matter how good the opponent is).

This makes some sense for supremacy 1v1 and supremacy team, but not so much for people going from supremacy to treaty or deathmatch, as these game modes are played completely differently in the competitive scene.


Would only be a problem in the other way around. A top supremacy player will always be top in treaty or deathmatch.

A treaty player could be top in treaty but only worth a ms in supremacy.

So I don’t see a problem if it doesn’t affect the ladder the other way.

That is not true, the top 10 supremacy players would lose to top 10 treaty players when playing treaty 40.


this issue is currently being tracked, thanks for the report!


I could even risk to say top 50 Tr40 players win top 50 supremacy players (on treaty). People underestimate treaty players fight potential