[RANT] People tell me HRE needs this, I dont think they do

Why did the developers decide that “Palace of Swabia” needs a 20% off cost?
Because their villagers are also cheaper?

They passively gain, no prelate needed

And once they are getting buffed… (Fishing with villagers, is incredible)

What about this combination? (Your defense, is the best)
Not to mention the Elzbach Palace to make an even better defence?

(Maybe you also needed some more Fire armor)


To top it off with an ability…

Devoutness with Aachen Chapel? (Free Food for days with farms, once your other resources go out)
For a total of 50% faster gather resources (without even touching the tech increases)"


Your CIV is not lacking anything. Your CIV is good now. You can still get all the relics in the most booming Cathedral on the planet for a whooping 900 gold per minute, and the fak fest you’re doing in your Palace of Swabia.

But wait… You can still have more relics in your Cathedral?

You really don’t need this…

I will now crown you as best spearmen of the game, players are now skilled enough to brace.
(Not Abbasid, even though the devs claim they are)


This is you… In your shiny armor. All though I think you could be cooler…

Your stats are insane, and we didn’t even touch your blacksmith upgrades yet. Just Barracks.

Let’s just admit it, your barracks are the best… Your stables get the job done, with the amount of gold you earn. And gathering is never the problem, your defense is insanely good. You get culverin. Not all civs get that, you know?

The only issue that remains is that sometimes you can’t press the instant repair button, if you’re building too far away from your TC, the devs said they fixed it, but they have not.

Anyway, you still have a long way HRE mains, you guys are the top meta now. Get gud. It’s not hard.


Lmao yeah HRE needs like the least attention right now, as an HRE main, I’ve always been happy with HRE compared to the state of other civs.

Abbasids deserve some love. A lot of it.


HRE needs a buff for special unit and some landmarks.


Can you be more specific?

And while I may agree HRE might need a -little- fine tuning here and there, other civs need a lot more right now and in my opinion should therefore take priority.

I use the landmarks that nobody uses. There the ones that need a buff.i wish they give us another special unit.

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Talking about Burgrave? Yeah, probably needs some tweaking, in order to make more sense more often. But it can still work wonders in some builds.

And about the Unique unit, HRE most certainly doesn’t need another unique unit. For one, as mentioned, the ridiculous HRE economy makes them one of the stronges Heavy Cavalry civs, due to the sheer hability of massing them so fast, with such high tech, that most of the match even Rus gets left behind. The eco is so strong that you can mass anything you want, actually, and that versatility, how easy is to transition into something else, is sooooo strong in a high paced game. As a second point, most certainly HRE don’t need another unique unit. Landsknecht is probably the best infantry curveball anyone can throw in the AoE 4 battlefield. The unit allows your infantry to easily break the opponent infantry, allowing you to jump into his backline by kicking the front door. And before anyone say that “hurr durr mangonels”, then stop A-moving and start thinking in a more tactical manner. Micro your units before the main engagement. Use your culverins to kill mangonels, even if the opponent can retain his 13 range springalds (who cares if he has springalds if his mangonels are dead and therefore his infantry is dead and then his backline and siege is being absolutely demolished by your infantry?). And, if your are the better player in the match, you should always outmass your opponent. HRE players are usually way too greedy, and then go full eco and forget to build army, only to see the built eco blasted to smitherins.

HRE have a lot of options going for them. A heck lot. The meta is not developed yet for a lot of people to see them, specially because everybody is just “hurr durr fast castle reignitz”. Obviously people, that way, will not explore properly the civ options.

There. That was my rant in this rant post.


I have played with burgave and I will agree it does feel weak.
Same with the barracks, sure blocks of 5 are fine but it’s vastly outweighed by the cathedral.

actually HRE are top on meta just because:

retznig is too strong they can spam gold unit just because they own 3 relics with 0 villagers on gold. And sometimes the map is totaly against you and the relic are in there base… Easy to conter -_-

because the palace is not enough costly and a bit broken. You can compensate the gap between you villagers and an abassid with 3TC in 5 minutes … (12 food 5 sec villagers really…)

but that was not on the scoop of nerf ATM because it’s pretty new and because they sucked a lot against mongol.

I’m actually pretty against changing the palace of Swabia, I feel like it’s appropriate and the discount is not much and it provides HRE that window to fast imperial which I feel like is a large portion of the HREs meta

You can rant all you want, numbers dont lie

Unless you are less than 1000elo where hre is above average, as soon as players get even somewhat competant hre winrates drops and eventually stabilize as the buttom 2 barely better than abbasid


Interesting no doubt, I’m not sure what the HRE lacks, it feels fine to me, and I am an HRE main.

Maybe beefier units? Better upgrades?

HRE is a lategame powerhouse. The problem is that they won’t get there, because they take some time to ramp up and suck against early game aggression. The other reason is that HRE is too linear. Their other landmarks suck. They need to fix the internal balance. Regnitz is not interesting and completely polarizes the gameplay. Relic or no relic means the difference in most games. Have you ever seen any HRE player put relics in towers or keeps? Hell no. HRE is powerful, but lame. They need to overhaul the bonuses and landmarks to allow for a variety of styles and more interesting gameplay. That’s the attentions they need.

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I will agree with this
The same can be said about other civs landmarks however.

Yeah, internal balance is a bit of mess right now, but I would argue that the problem is most prominent in HRE, with the sole exception being Abbey for the English, which is even more trash. The problem is that HRE is not as interesting as most of their power just comes from flat numerical buffs. Their unique unit and landmarks don’t do anything interesting to shake up the faction. It’s all about that boom and little else.

Not to come off as snarky but have you played Abbasid?

My camel boys out here with a whole two landmarks, the entire game.

I feel like Abbasid are in need of something far different than HRE. But you’re right, at least HRE has one viable playstyle. Poor camels boys are screwed at the moment.

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The reason why HRE is struggling in 1v1 is because its very predictable. They need the 3 relics and if opponent can shut down that play they basically win.

What HRE needs is change from 1 dimensional play to different plays and huge nerf to their broken stuff

Here’s the catch, though. In many cases, I can’t get all 3. I’ll count myself lucky if I get all 3, count myself content with 2, totally screwed if I just get 1.

A good opponent who understands the HRE civ will know how to deny or slow down Regnitz. The longer I am denied the relics, the longer I just sit with a worthless piece of landmark. I send out prelates preemtively. If you deny one relic for just one minute, you are denying me 300 gold. If you deny me three for just one minute, You deny me 900 gold. That is huge.

HRE’s strength is like China, but does economy better than China while lacking a godlike unit composition made possible by Chinese roster. So, the logical game plan would be to pressure HRE so that it cannot get the economy rolling.

You can ram push, you can wall off relics, with your spears if you are Delhi. You can preemtively make towers by the closest relics. I mean, there’s so many different ways to prevent all 3 relics from being dumped into Regnitz for a good while.

I dont get the post. HRE is a lategame civ with focus on the worst unit comp melee infantry. You basically overwhelm your opponent with strong eco and thats it. China is a way stronger lategame civ because it has strong units. HRE just has money. If it cant get that eco its dead in the water. I’d wish it would be different and we wouldnt be so relient on the reignitz but the other landmarks are garbage. Plus the landsknecht is a cameltier unique unit.

You can nerf reignitz and swabia if the alternatives are decent, but doing it now would delegate hre from 6th place on civs to 8th.

Plus prelate is still bugged so dont bully man.

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Would be cool to see a unique infantry unit from them like the karambit or zergling and does not require gold, something that would make getting 5x it quickly interesting and give them another viable route