Re-instate the French consulate to how it was originally since the start of DE

The ‘new’ French consulate with 300f, 500w and 700c(locked behind in age 3), has made the French consulate totally unviable for India. I would argue that the main purpose of this consulate was to get the resources to age/mass units to aid in the transition to age 3.

Even with the Chinese, people are most likely only going to use the Russian/German and Brit consulate. The French consulate in its present form is simply not as advantageous as the other alternatives.

TLDR, re-make french consulate shipments from 300f 500w 700c back to 500f 500w 500c.

Kindly, reconsider.
Thank you.


I second this. The french consulate is only really useful in age 2 for india, and the crate adjustment has killed all my former builds that used it. I would prefer a revert as well, and if some buff for this ally is desirable, bumping the economic advantage to say, 7% would be lovely


I’d even suggest “decoupling” the effects of the same consulate options for different civs, or make some new consulate options.
Many Asian civ strategies are built around certain consulate options and tweaking for one civ might affect another.


Yea the new consulate change, affect the Indian, early and supremacy 1v1 hard, by basically switching off some consulate dependent builds. It hardly have any affect on team / late game / treaty.

Decoupling seems to be a viable option, but it will break the norms and the theme of consulate itself.So instead, I would more prefer a new consulate option, rather than decoupling.

This option would be great too. as it will help all length of gameplays without altering balance too much. And will provide the required late game push too.

id rather have a persian consulate option that enables them to train artillery, a church for train speed upgrades, and some solid 3 pop lancers.

but barring that sure.

I agree, it provides too little benefit in age 1 and not enough in age 2, so all other options are superior.

if reverted, I would argue it would actually be flexible enough for even china for competing use with other consulate options atm


Even for China it’s not really that helpful. According to devs, tea export was supposed to be an opening card (allowing you to get 300f to get to Age II sooner with France for example) but the timings are pretty much not viable for this end since the trickle nerf to 0.4; same thing with sending the food trickle with Germany. This is why people are using the card more as a second shipment.


I think the card nerf should be revisited or reworked to serve the purpose it was designed for. Perhaps by separating it in 2 cards, one with a short term opening purpose with the consulate + a ‘‘raw’’ amount of export that allows you to afford something like 300food or food trickle right away. A second one with a 1 export trickle x second for long-term.

Additionally I think it would be good to allow the porcelain tower to produce all resources it can produce when tasked in all at once (natural resources, export and xp) separately as well in a proportional way like it works for natural resources too.

The card works as an enabler of china consulate plays, on some level its almost too much considering the eco possible with a german consulate build. So tbh I think the card has had its intended effects. Age 2 china is legit even beyond forward rushes.

If you want to make the saving of northern refugees a thing, dont need to adjust the trickles, just revert the french consulate. That alone might be enough since you can send GFA as the second card and get the crates in transition. That alone might be enough to make a china GFA build viable.


I agree, decoupling would be best. This even makes sense from a historical perspective, not all countries exported the same things to every other countries.

yeah, but for the sake of gameplay, that would add an unnecessary learning curve. IMO, we should just keep all consulate options as they as are for the civs that receive them, just as long as they don’t break the balance for either/both of them.

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Having consulate civs uniform across the board makes things harder to balance.
You could argue to keep the passive bonus the same, but the upgrades different.

The shared consulates were already balanced for their respective civs since before the recent french consulate updates. I’d argue that India required the french shipments more than their Chinese counterpart owing to their inherently slow economy, whereas China would often just FF and needed only the brits to supplement their anti cav needs in age3.

Neither was broken for either civ, and I can see them being used for both, but some consulate bonuses/shipments have better synergies wrt the pacing of each TAD civ.


Yep. I also see it as one of those random changes that caused more disruption than balance overall (it benefits China slightly but damages India harshly).

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Since no Chinese player uses the French consulate (300f in age1, and 700c in age 3), could we please change it back to 500 of each resource viable for India? Still feel the change was totally random in the first place.


i stand with the above statement. i want my 500f 500c ff back

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Guys, the last thing India needs is a buff.
If anything they need to be tuned down in some way imo

The (original) French consulate isn’t a buff. It just allowed India a viable ff strat without which it is just too slow to get up. It still loses to other civs’ ff.

its not a buff if its a revert to a random change :wink:

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I still want the old french consulate for china as well, finally may make an age 2 GFA build for china viable