Real Map Creator

I found a Tool to generate AoE2 maps based on the real world.
Real Map Creator

It hasn’t been updated for 7 years so it is from before AoE2DE but has the Rise of the Rajas terrain.

The main things that are missing are support for LudiKRIS maps, map decals, all the terrain added in AoE2DE and terrain layers (the way snow and stuff is done in AoE2DE).
It also doesn’t have forest terrains for some reason.

I don’t have enough knowledge about how AoE2DE maps work to edit the code myself.
Especially the terrain layers are probably complicated but would allow to more naturally integrate colder bioms.

Thinks like animals and resources is probably something that map creators want to place manually anyway.

You can try out the web version here.
It generates the map in your browser.
I recommend using an angle of -45° to get North to be North.

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