Real mod support

Are we going to get mod support beyond just scenarios?
The migration back to HD will be swift without it.

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There already are data mods like techx4, and graphics mods like small trees and improved grid listed in mods. Looks like someone has posted an ai as well. What was supported in HD which isn’t here?

I can’t mod with taunts. They use WWISE extension I and can’t load my sound.

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Honestly, compared to the HD-Edition, some mods are a pain in the a$s to install. For example, a mod that increases the corpses decay time requires you to subscribe to the mod and then manually replace a file in the game directory.

This is maybe because the HD-Edition was able to change files in the game directory prior the start while you can’t replace such files when you are already running the game. This means this game desperately needs a launcher like the HD-Edition if it can’t be solved elsewise.

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Have a look here -