Real world maps!

I’d like some feedback on these luducruis real world maps for diplomacy i am making for the AOE2 Community!


It’s made for diplo games with 8 players.
what should i add (mountains, rivers, etc)
maybe make the map king of the hill in crimea in the black sea map?

these maps are not done yet as you can see

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these look really really good

where do i see the rest of your maps?

Well I would link my diplomacy discord here, which is where we store all of our maps and play diplomacy on them, but i would get flagged by “certain” people for “advertising”, il send you the link on dms

oh you don’t upload them as mods?

for some reason every time I upload them in the mod zone, moderators take down / flag my mods for no reason (and i get banned from here for asking why)

but you can just join my diplo discord, grab the files and leave if you’re not interested in playing diplo games in them

maybe you uploaded them wrong?

Maybe it’s because of the ‘please give me credit’ thing. just put ‘[ICARUS]’ in the title

I don’t think asking people to give me credit for the map i made is something not allowed, i’ve seen ton of other people do it and nothing happens to them, i’d ask in this forum why but the moderators will probably ban me for 10 days again

yeah it is weird you are flagged…
Did you try contact them?

I really wouldn’t worry about asking for credit, especially if it is a luducruis map. Most people are are willing to spend the time to make a scenario (if you think making a map is hard, try making a scenario, lol) are decent people

making luducruis maps before last day update was a pain and was equally as hard as making scenarios, especially becuase i take time to make them as accurare as their real world counterparts

Have you tried making an actual diplo scenario? It is much harder than making a traditional diplo map

Yes, and I gave up because only a minority of players like overwhelming scenarios with tons of confusing triggers, UNLESS they are about a REALLY popular series like GOT or Lord of the rings (which I have 0 interest in)
It’s way easier to get a lobby filled when the map is more casual and vanilla

Or was it because you didn’t know how to do the confusing triggers…lol

it’s not worth putting so much effort into something that will take me an hour to get a lobby filled

i managed to upload one, hopefully it doesn’t get flagged, do you want the link?

maybe its people trolling you back for all the spamming?
Just a thought??

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dude the terrain painting was so slow it was as hard as anything else, i figured it would be just as unplayable, but they fixed all that and THANK GOD lol

You have to terrain paint in custom scenarios, in fact, usually you have to add decorations and crap to cities and villages and docks and forest pathways…

Avoid this guy’s Discord server, he’s toxic as hell and has an insane ego 11. Well, he also got suspended here, no news.


Yeah, I entered his discord and just read some of the chats. He cusses people out and kicks them from the server just for giving constructive criticism.