Recycled music for civ themes must be replaced

As a lot of you probably know by now, it has been discovered that the civ themes for the Dynasties of India civilizations have just been lifted from other pieces of music. I believe that this is incredibly lazy and unethical, and thus they should be changed completely. There should be entirely new pieces of music written for them like every other civilization in the game. Until this happens, I will never have peace of mind about potentially copyrighted music appearing in the game, as it will drastically impact YouTube creators due to YouTube’s stringent copyright policy.


What’s more original than Music that has already been written for it?
I would it actually call “artificial” if they would try to “recreate” it just so it is something “own”.

And I’m pretty sure they have been careful with the rights of these pieces.


I don’t know what you mean here.

Yes, they may have the rights, but the fans don’t. If AoE2 YouTubers use Dynasties of India civ themes in their videos, they risk having their content claimed or struck for copyright. That is simply an unacceptable risk to take, which is why the devs should change the themes.

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Do you have actual physical proof that content creators are risking copyright claims or are you just speculating? Pro players turn the theme music off (or almost off) for streaming and YouTube anyway, so regardless of whether copyright is a problem, they won’t be triggering it. And for the few players who haven’t, I’m sure Microsoft have already thought about this. They will have either paid for the rights to use the music or avoided it by re-recording the themes and slightly modifying the melodies, altering the tempo and/or transposing them to a different key.


Physical proofs been presented already. Read before you write.

Personally I think you are over exaggerating here. If anything this proves that copyright laws are too strict. There’s a thing called ‘fair use’. I suppose Microsoft should just pay them royalties I guess if it’s that serious.

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discovered by whom? what pieces of music?

considering that all medieval music is public domain by now it certainly isn’t unethical and gives a certain feeling of authenticity



This must be the most over reacting post of the year.


There’s another thread on the forum talking about it.

I’m not thinking of pro players. I’m thinking of more casual content creators, like MikeEmpires for example, who use the various civ themes in their videos. Even just playing the game with the music turned up risks putting their channel in jeopardy.

And that won’t matter, because YouTube recognizes covers and issues copyright notices anyway, so anyone who makes money from YouTube might have all the videos where they use the civ themes demonetized, with the money sent to the creators of the music (see again MikeEmpires).

It’s not medieval music. Some of it is created by modern-day music artists, while one of them actually comes from another video game.

I present to you gameplay videos of people playing FNAF 2, which originally used a theme written by Bjorn Lynne of Team17 theme for its menu music. People would get copyright claims by YouTube and takedown notices by Bjorn Lynne just because they played the game and the menu music played. This is a real issue that I’m not just making up.

I dont read any of that here

just link the videos

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I linked a thread talking about it. You should read it before saying no physical proof has been presented.

I don’t know what you’re asking for.

Why are you taking this so personally? It’s nowhere near the problem you’re making it out to be.


no physical proof has been presented in this thread
that other thread just posts a few videos of songs which sound similar. i doubt the devs just downloaded a song from the internet. most of these just sound like pretty typical cultural themes. if it’s an old theme it’s pretty likely that some other artists also sampled them. eg i know of 2 songs which reuse parts of the german anthem
so unless one of the artists claims that their work was stolen this isn’t proof
the youtube algorithm making mistakes isn’t unheard of

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Dude, those clips sound exactly alike, aside from a bit of background noise and reverb. It’s clearly a cut and paste job.

Every piece of music can only be written once.
I have no problem with honoring the art of other artists.

First world problems.

Me neither, but it’s a pretty lazy thing to do for a game like AoE2 that prides itself on original concepts.

Almost nothing on AOE2 is original 11
And nobody cares. It’s a fun game.

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Fair point, but the music has always been original until now. I would’ve preferred to keep it that way.