Red clock in multiplayer games

Game Version:

  • Build (####)
  • Platform Steam


Often when I start a multiplayer I have red clock next to my name and the game is unplayable. But sometimes it is OK, I can play one good game with blue clock, then start another and I get the red clock. I have scored 1281 on performance test, singleplayer games are always without any issues. I have no problems when playing other online games like CS:GO or Path of Exile.

I have tried updating windows, enabling/disabling VSync, lowering game settings, nothing helped.
HW: i5-8500 3GHz, GTX 1080

I have those problems since I bought the game on 4. January.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a MP game

I have the same issue… i have a really good computer and really good internet connection usually, but sometimes in Age of Empires, i get a red clock…

But i dont even have severe lags, its mostly a minor inconvenience, my opponents however sometimes do have lag and i dont know why…

And my performance Test also gives me around 1283 every time, so it should be fine, right?

Maybe changing your NAT settings can help. Keep in mind, with the whole quarantine thing, a lot more traffic is going on and your provider and/or the providers of your peers may be struggling a bit.