Regional Monks

My friend Risegarro made a concept for some regional monks I want to post here.

Unlike a lot of popular cosmetic requests (like custom castles), this should be quite easy for the devs to do, because many of the sprites and assets for monks from other regions already exist in game. Additionally, there’s already a regional skin for the mesos, so it only makes sense to extend that pattern so that Africans have something a little more immersive than a bald white guy.

I mostly agree with his placements here, although I would actually stick the Khmer in the Hindu category, Poles and Magyars in the Catholic category,

As there isn’t already a sub-Saharan holy man in game, Mali could be plausibly assigned to an Imam and Ethiopia to Orthodoxy.

Lastly, I suggested to him that Celts, Vikings, Lithuanians should have a pagan priest. Romuva is a big part of the Kestutis and Algirdas campaign, and that ought to be represented. Celts could potentially remain Catholic though.


Nice ideas. The least they could do is implement the existing imam and Buddhist monk

And instead of spending time on silly event skins(snow man at arms), they could finish off the other monks with each new event.

There’s a few castles(or maybe only one) in the editor they could implement as well


Interesting idea and I mostly agree with it, but I have my comments:

You have divided the Catholic countries into three groups (the first three from the top left): pagan (the Monk model reminds me more of an early medieval monk from the British Isles), Catholic (seems too modern for AoE 2) and Spanish (which is perfectly correct).

In my opinion, the current model of the Monk can be preserved for the Brits, Celts, Vikings and Goths - civilizations that are associated with the conquest of the British Isles by the Germanic peoples.

In my opinion, the current model of the Monk can be preserved for the:

  1. Brits civ
  2. Celts civ
  3. Vikings civ
  4. Goths civ

:arrow_up: That civilizations are associated with the conquest of the British Isles by the Germanic peoples.

The remaining “Catholic” models of the Monk can be divided into the “rich” prelate and the “poor” parson.

A prelate’s model for:

  1. Teutons civ
  2. Bohemians civ
  3. Italians civ
  4. Franks civ
  5. Burgundians civ

A parson’s model for:

  1. Poles civ
  2. Magyars civ
  3. Portuguese civ
  4. Sicilians civ
  5. Lithuanians civ

Hindustanis should be Muslim Imam.

Meanwhile their monastery is a Malian mosque. 11

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Unless you are considering the pagan skins as a mod option, I would strongly advise against it. The Celt lands represented in the game were stalwart Catholic strongholds by the game times we might associate with the Castle Age (The Christianization of said lands was successful at latest by the end of late antiquity. See figures like St Patrick, or St Columba). Arguments of an Orthodox Ireland are a matter out of the scope of these forums.

The Vikings may get two unique units associated with the pirates, but unless you separate them from the Kingdom of Denmark, then they very well should retain Catholic monks. Even the pirates were known for carrying Christian priests and monks around, which played a prominent role in the conversion of the Nordic peoples, including the pirates themselves. The wars in England also sped up the process. Remember that Danish troops fought in the Crusades. From a historic perspective, the Catholic monk perfectly captures the events of the times.

As for the Lithuanians, if you do give them a pagan monk, then it should switch to a Christian monk in the Imperial Age.

I agree that the Ethiopians should have a proper Oriental Orthodox church and monk.

It would be neat if you could get random monastic orders.


Just give monks based on the building sets just like the kings are done. everyone with the european king gets the standard monk everyone with the meso king meso monk etc.


They’ve already done it with the new civs, might as well finish the job with the old ones


I think we could benefit from having a king model for the Western and Eastern European civilisations separate, with a Byzantine/Russian looking tsar model (See Michael of Tver hero icon for what I was thinking of) added. I agree with your suggestion for the monks to be created along the lines of the kings models more generally also. The African monk should be added for sure. To match the icon we have so far.

We also need a Pope and Orthodox Patriarch Unit for sure. A hero or special upgrade (only one creatable) for certain civilisations like maybe Italians or Byzantines :slight_smile:

how about regional vills?

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Aren’t Italians catholic? Why would they get a unit based on Orthodoxy?

Edit: Nevermind, just noticed you mentioned a pope as well.

I would love to have regional monks

Too problematic for readablity.

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There used to be an update for the Trade Cart that added a new look to each cultural group.

Just use the same stick figure on the Trade Cart as the Villager.

BTW. I think one could add three additional regional models for Trade Cart and potential models for Villagers:

  1. West European (because a half-naked peasant is more suited to Eastern Europe - Poles, Slavs, Bulgarians, Hungarians and Lithuanians)
  2. Mediterranean
  3. South Asian

Not even close

AOE4 as proof this archaic thinking is a fallacy


How many civis in aoe4?

8 civilizations which is exactly the number of region in aoe2

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Im fine with baseline villager, king/queen and monk skins. But other units should be dlc client side only


And what will the graphics size be for adding 8 sets of villagers?

This argument does not hold. By that logic adding DLCs would crash the game with the new graphics. If you’re playing AOE2DE your PC would be capable of handling this.