Regional Skins are already in the game! It's just a matter of allowing through NON DATA mod for Asian/African civs

These new hero skins are so cool, they should be made the regional skins for the units of many of the African and Asian civilizations already :frowning:

The regional skins are already there in the game, it’s just a matter of making them ATLEAST AVAILABLE through a NON-DATA MOD :frowning:
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There is literally no downside to this!

Like the Imam Skin for African/Middle East monks,

Bui Bi Skin for East Asian+SE Asian monks,

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East Asian+SE Asian monks

Atilla Skin for Central Asian+SE Asian+East Asian+Hun Knights,

Post image

Asian(except Middle East)+Hun Knights

Wang Tong Skin for Central Asian+SE Asian+East Asian+Hun Cavaliers (except Cumans),

Post image

Asian(except Middle East)+Hun Cavaliers

Sumanguru skin for African+Middle East Knights

Post image

African+Middle East Knights

Sundjata skin for African+Middle East Cavaliers

Post image

African+Middle East Cavaliers

Vytautas skin for Eastern European Paladins(Lithuanians, Teutons, Cumans)

Post image

Eastern European Paladins

Subotai/Osman Skin for East Asian+SE Asian (Heavy)Cav archers,

Post image

East Asian+SE Asian (Heavy) CA

Prithviraj Skin for South Asian (Heavy)Cav Archers

Post image

South Asian CA

Girgen Khan Skin for Central Asian+TurkCav Archers

Post image

Central Asian+Turk CA

Kotyan skin for Central Asian+Turk Heavy CA

Post image

Central Asian+Turk HCA

Le Loi skin for East Asian+SE Asian Champions

Post image

East Asian+SE Asian Champions

Gidajan skin for African Champions

Post image

African Champions

Pachacuti skin for American champions

Post image

American champions


No offense but, the current skins are too Eurocentric, and now that we have the 3D Skins already in the game, why should the Asian/African civs still be stuck with Vague European units.

The regional skins are already there in the game, it’s just a matter of making them the default, OR ATLEAST AVAILABLE through a NON-DATA MOD :frowning:


Also, as an bonus note: On HD, there were some regional skins for longswords: I remember at least nordic and middle east skins - they were used in campaign scenarios, btw, with the same stats of an longsword, iirc.

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so long as its not required i have zero issues with this.

it has no impact on anyone but those who want to have new skins.

if it was part of the base game i would have an issue with it though.


Yes exactly, support the cause for NON DATA mod Regional Skins - or like a Regional Skin mode you can toggle from settings

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like i said, as long as its a client side mod, i don’t care.

if you want your cavaliers to look like mice or alligators, etc, that doesn’t bother me.


The hero monks (Bui Bi and Imam) don’t have a relic carrying graphics.

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that would indeed be a problem that would have to be rectified.

Yes I do not deny that, but let’s allow the regional skins for all the other units whose 3D graphics are perfectly there, let us support this Noble Cause
The cause is important, not the exceptions

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They still have to edit it to match the unit stances in order to make it recognizable. Champion/2-handed swords should have the same standing position as Gajah Mada or Le Loi but not like Gidajan with a huge shield. They will have to change a lot of things to polish this and make it into some official skin pack.

yep, which is why i don’t have a problem with them charging a small amount to offset the extra work involved.

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Yeah there is a big probability of it being paid dlc addon to game. It perfectly fits the definition of being a graphics addon.

no problems with that, so long as its not prohibitive, but yeah. it should never be part of the main game as a full rework, as that would be a huge change to the game for many people.

can you imagine having to memorize 4-5 new skins for each of the standard units (scouts, knights, archers, etc)

There is another big problem of performance issues. Separating the graphics more and more for civs also requires more RAM for it to load into temporary memory.

To be honest, its not all that hard, one can get used to it quickly, as is the case with the 10 different architecture sets. And then there’s all these other RTS games with faction unique everything.

I don’t think It’s sutable to be a paid dlc because the Regional Skins mods already exist, the only change we are asking for is that it should be through a NON-DATA mod(i.e. client side)

I really don’t think it is likely that adding a few more skins will burden the hardware so much
and slow down the framerate

Even to make it a non-data mod they will have to make to duplicate existing smx assigned to each civs so it will skyrocket the size of the game for everyone. the togglable mode will then apply the skin on the separated smx similar to how independent architecture/units worked in HD.

It does increase the load time and size of the game. I have tested it via modding.

I honestly don’t think adding about 10-15 new skins to certain(not all) units will ‘skyrocket’ the size of a game that’s already dozens of GBs

Look, the 3D skins are already there with all these heroes
I don’t see the Scenarios wrecking my hardware when I use all those heroes in the same map

which is why i would want it to be a mod. one less thing i have to load.

this isn’t even close to a real or honest comparison on your part. For one Buildings are big, and take up much more space.
Furthermore the buildings all have the same standard layout, with barracks having a courtyard, stables having horses, archery ranges having targets. the TC is a central tower with wings on the side, etc.

meanwhile your Asiatic cavalry looks nothing like European Cavalry, your African Champs could be Longswords for all i know, etc.

and those RTS usually have 3 or 4 civs and don’t have nearly as many units as AoE2 does.

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even the person with the mod deactivated will suffer from the same amount of performance issues. so it doesn’t matter.

What performance issues?, I really do not think adding simple toggle switch for Regional units will break the game
I can’t see how, when ll the skins are already there with the Heroes

and those RTS usually have 3 or 4 civs and don’t have nearly as many units as AoE2 does.

Look, im not asking for 35 different skins for all 50 units in the game
I am asking for maximum 3-4 different skins for a selected 5-6 units(Monks, Knights, Cavaliers, Champions, CA, HCA)
That’s just a maximum of 20 new skins, that’s all

heavily against a toggle. you want it as an official mod that you can download? sure. you want it as something i’m required to download no matter what? no thanks, i’d rather keep my performance better.

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