Regional Skins are already in the game! It's just a matter of allowing through NON DATA mod for Asian/African civs

But how are you so sure adding a few skins to a game will break the performance, when there are already 50+ 3D skins in any game that come into play

and you want to add about another 50 to that. again. you want it as a mod? go ahead. you want it as something i’m forced to download? no thanks.

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let me give you an example:

currently hussar unit is linked to it’s hussar graphics (of around 63 mb in total)

in order to achieve what we want, they will have to make copies of the same files.
for example to have 5 variants across the board they will have to copy the 63 mb five times and then assign it to the same unit 5 times.
Now the togglable mod will replace one of the 5 variant to the respective skin that it wants. Thus it increases the size and RAM usage for everyone. even the person with the mod disabled has to load the same graphics 5 times into RAM and it also takes the 5 times the size in game files. Mod enabled just replaces one of the copies with a variant.


I did tell you that i want only like 20 new skins, and only for selected generic units
And yes i would be very happy with a mod, a toggle is not necessary

But here’s where you’re wrong
I never said I want 5 variants
I only wans 3 variants, and that too only for certain units that really look out of place for Africa and Asia like Knights, Champions, Cavaliers, Monks, CA only.
Hussar don’t look as much out of place, they do look fairly generic.
It’s only a max of 20 skins, and those skins are already in the game

So please please please let those who know their hardware is decent enough enjoy these regional skins that are already there 100% made
This is an innocent plea for a cause, that cannot have a negative impact to anyone

it still increases RAM and size usage for the particular units 3 times. it shouldn’t be much but it is affecting those with the mod disabled.

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I am sorry how does it affect someone who doesn’t even have the mod installed??
The proposed NON-DATA mod will be 100% voluntary, those who know their hardware is good enough, can install the Regional Skins NON DATA mod, let these people enjoy these amazing skins please

oh so its just going to look incredibly tacky watching as everyone goes from the same militia, m@a, longswords, and 2h swords, only for few specific areas to get different champions.

yeah sorry, but if you’re going to go in on the sub themes, you might as well make it worth the while and do them all.

that’s how the game engine works.
there is a reason why independent architecture mod we used in HD was big to download. Here’s my version of the mod, see it’s size:
it made copies of the game graphics assigned via data modding on which mods can be applied.

I know its not ideal, but it would be a good start
As the game becomes more and more streamlined in performance, and as hardware of people gets better, we can then go the whole way with all generic units having 5 different skins

So please please please let those who know their hardware is decent enough enjoy these regional skins that are already there 100% made
This is an innocent plea for a noble cause, that cannot have a negative impact to anyone

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yeah sorry, not a big fan of half baking stuff.

except its not 100% made. first off you have to take away the hero glow. you also have to add monk carry animations, etc.

you make it sound like this solves cancer or something.

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No I make it sound as the thing that it is:
Giving people a simple voluntary option to enjoy the regional graphics that are already in the game, made by the designer’s hardwork

So please please please let those who know their hardware is decent enough enjoy these regional skins that are already there 100% made

so wait, is it a maximum of 20 skins or not?
here you say

but then later you say

so which is it?

Here’s an example of skin variation of the same unit for various civ cultures in Rise of Nations:

I think the units are recognizable and look great for the culture groups. The same for Aoe2 will be great.


All things are half baked, before they are streamlined and optimized
Just wait a couple years and we will have regional skins for all generic units in a way that doesnt hamper performance

But for now, please let people make Unit graphic mods that are client side(NON DATA)
and let people have the choice to use these for regional skins or anything else, to enjoy the game

know what i see here? variants of the same theme. they all have the same weapon setup, and all look very similar. which is drastically different from the above.

so don’t half bake it.

yeah? wheres the promise on that?

like i said, so long as its client side and doesn’t impact my game, i don’t care what you do. i just think you shouldn’t half bake it. it would look tacky as crap.

yeah this is what they need to do if they ever plan to make regional unit skins officially.

Yes, please everyone, support this cause and let us make this happen

For now, give people the ablity to make units look regional from the Client Side though a non Data mod

And this can be done with not much effort either, as the skins are already there, the hard part is done
and this will not hamper performance for anyone,
as for now only those who know their hardware is decent will go for regional skins

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exactly what i’m saying. if you’re actually going to go with official regional unit skins, why half bake it? just do all the generic units at once, so you don’t have to go back and do it again later.
still should stay as a mod either way, because i have no inclination to try to learn 5 different versions of the same unit, but yeah.

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Yes I agree that eventually there should be a official and final regional skins mod, that is not half baked

But this is a slightly different issue.
This is about:
“we should also allow people to make their own Skins mods that are applicable to the end user only”

Did you get it, @MatCauthon3
It is about not just about official Regional skins, but other skin preferences also
If you still did not get what I meant, I will explain again don’t worry

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