[RELEASED] "D O O M v1.0" Campaign - HELLKNIGHT61

ALL PLAYERS ARE ABLE TO PLAY: This campaign is suitable with the DE version. You can install this campaign definitely and easily. Because this campaign has “Compatibility Patch” supported special file organization.

EASY INSTALLATION: After downloading this file you need to read and apply the informations of “READ THE DOOM MANUAL.txt” file for an easy installation.

BACKGROUND: As a scenario designer for Age of Empires 2 community I always wanted to make a DOOM campaign for the Age of Empires 2 game engine. I wanted to resurrect the original DOOM for the Age of Empires 2 game engine. This was my dream. I achieved to make a DOOM campaign with Age of Empires 2 game engine except the final Hell episode. This campaign uses many sound effects and sprites (along with Doomguy sprites) from original DOOM games.

NEW MECHANICS: I added original DOOM’s some mechanics to this DOOM mod. Marine can use his “Sprint” ability. Marine can interact with switches, elevators and teleportation devices. Also he can use “Standard Shotgun”, “Double Barreled Shotgun”, “Rocket Barreled Shotgun”, “BFG” and “Soul Cube” items.

NEW STORY: This campaign’s story is totally unique. However its story has common aspects with DOOM (1993) and DOOM 3 (2004) games in some aspects. Even the main villain (Betruger) was inspired totally from DOOM 3 (2004) game.

DOOM TUTORIAL SCENARIO: A new tutorial scenario was added for newcomer players. It has an open map design with natural eye candy and more hellish areas. It has “Text to Speech” voice support. It aims to teach players basic gameplay mechanics and system.

THE MARTIAN CIVILIZATION (Episode 1): This scenario is about the ancient Human Civilization of the Mars. Players will see that how did Demons destroy the ancient Human Civilization of the Mars. It has some action sequences. However the cinematic sequences are more intense than the action sequences.

THE UNION AEROSPACE CORPORATION (Episode 2): This scenario is about UAC’s history and the Demonic Invasion against all UAC Mars Bases. Players will see that how did Demons start to invade all UAC Mars Bases. This scenario has intense cinematic sequences at the beginning. After the Demonic Invasion starts this scenario becomes more action packed.

PHOBOS T PORTAL GATE (Episode 3): Our Marine aims to enter the UAC Phobos Base. After that he aims to get around all UAC Phobos Base areas until destroying the Phobos portal. This is a “John Romero” style scenario. There are many varied enemy units in polished areas. This is an action packed scenario. Also players will fight against Vampire Units along with Demon Units.

DEIMOS T PORTAL GATE (Episode 4): Our Marine aims to enter the UAC Deimos Base. After that he aims to get around all UAC Deimos Base areas until destroying the Deimos portal. This is a “Sandy Petersen” style scenario. There are less enemies and action than the previous scenario. However this scenario tries to implement many new gameplay ideas like Sandy Petersen did in his own DOOM maps.

HELLHOLE T PORTAL GATE (Final): The final Hell episode… Not released for now…


HELLKNIGHT61: I am the DOOM campaign designer. Also I updated the “Vampire Revenge” mod with many changings to make it suitable for my DOOM campaign.

GUYZA: He is the person who transplanted all DOOM monsters (along with their projectiles) and Doomguy sprites to the Age of Empires 2 game engine.

GALLAS: He is the creator of the original “Vampire Revenge” mod. I used this mod’s recources as a base to make my campaign.

I LIKE HELL: He tried to give me some mod support in alpha-beta stages. Also he tested my some alpha-beta scenarios and gave me feedbacks about them in their alpha-beta stages.

ALSO SPECIAL THANKS TO: “Id Software”, “Ensemble Studios”, “UserPatch v1.5 Creators”, “AoE II HD Compatibility Patch Creators”, “Keisari Tapsa (Advanced Genie Editor)”, “Trigger Studio Creators”, “Ruralist (Turtle Pack)”, aokheavengames community, the rest of Age of Empires community and lastly whole DOOM community.

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that doom guy is looper

I decided to upload each episode one by one in the youtube including the Tutorial Scenario. I started with the Tutorial Scenario at first and it is available in the youtube now. In addition I am going to upload each main episode one by one and slowly in the youtube.

You can read the related article on “ModDB” by clicking HERE. Regards…