@RELIC AND WORLD Edge " develop a GRAPHIC DLC":It could be a solution for all of us

We seen how many people around web Simply don’t like the new art style, Low textures and animations: there are thousand of these comments in every AOE4 discussions.
This Is a Fact and all we know that the First impressions are decisive for a game success.
All of us wanna this game Is going to be a Great title but developers choice due the feedbacks from pro-players and competitive gamers, are broking the fan base.
I think a possibile solution to make Happier the most of players could be a “separate graphic DLC” with 4k textures, detailed units and more realistic vibrations.

Relic and WorldEdge could prepare a “ultra graphic DLC” so people could choice the best way to play.

1)not installed “graphic DLC” for all people Who are interested to competitive games, eso, multiplayer:

  1. Installed graphic DLC for people Who like to play in realistic or very detailed world.

I think this could be a good solution for many players.


The problem is this goes far beyond the graphics. A lot of the things people are complaining about can’t be fixed by textures and or better unit geometry.

There are so many things that simply don’t work. Arrow ballistics are not part of the “graphics” DLC nor are the janky 15 fps unit animations, nor are the comically large gold mines versus tiny buildings versus huge soldiers, nor are the countless explosions and other visual clutter in the game.

You can’t simply apply this like a mod.

And what worries me the most is the fact hat we have yet to actually see real game play with a real UI and real building placement, real resource collection etc…


I hear you but i think developers could have some problema to male a drastic change until realease
A separate DLC, could include many other features. I don’t see many other solutions and i really Wish the best for AOE

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I dont want to pay extra for decent graphics. Unless you mean a free one.

And those animations, like for example the elephants who hit the air rather than the buildings must be fixed regardless of dlc.


They say it’s a game for everyone, so I have the small hope we can switch animation, optics and proportions.

In the 2019 gameplay trailer arrows looked much better. Okay, they probably post edited the footage, but I’m sure they can’t fake arrows so much from cartoony to “realistic” look. So either they must’ve changed arrow animations because of feedback OR we can switch optics of arrows - hopefully.
At least it would make sense to satisfy both sides - those who prefer visibility and those, who prefer realism. But not sure, if it’s technically possible and worth the effort.

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OK…this i agree on

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free dlc like UHD pack for aoe 2


Yes, It could be a good solution


The problem with that would be if someone wanted to play multiplayer but wanted the better graphics would have to make a choice. If they could find a workaround for that, I think this would be the best possible solution

After the recent threads and posta about graphic issues (textures, animations, water, Building sizes, Blood and people on siege weapons) i tought this thread could be very helpfull.

It seems a separate Graphic DLC (the same thing we’ve seen for AOE2de) would be appreciate.

I don’t pretend a DLC at launch (It could take some time to developers) but It would be kind to hear from developers that It could be possibility.


it wouldnt be an “ultra graphics DLC” but a “realistic artstyle DLC”.
An ultra graphics DLC will be 100% there, as it was with age 2 and 3 DE, including all the 4k stuff.

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I totally agree. After all complains it is almost sure even if it wasn’t in the starting plan, to make a DLC for better graphics. But I guess that there is not time before release, so this dlc will happen in later time. Also they have announced the system specs needs for AOE 4. Practically this means that there must always be the option for these graphics.

So yes, the extra dlc will be similar to AOE 2 DE ( install it on your own risk lets say… :slight_smile: )


could someone help me to create a Pool about “Graphic DLC” for AOE4?

I would like to add some options like

  1. what we would wanna see? Better models, new textures, new animations, better graphic for water and navals etc. More realism for them

  2. price for a separate Graphic DLC? 5, 10, 15 or 20 dollars?

3)Some blood and gore effects;

4)different building sizes to make them more realistic;

  1. siege weapons with people;

there will of course be a graphics dlc. It will contain the 4k textures which only some players need. thats it.

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Interactions with units surroundings. If you are fighting near walls, buildings, trees, ect, they present an obstacle during fighting. You can knock enemies back into them, causing them to lose their balance.
This might actually not really involve graphics but it sure would be awesome to see


Yes, i really like the idea. Could we add this option in the poll.

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