Remaster, Remake or Reboot?

What do you think, will AoM:Retold be a Remaster, Remake or Reboot?

  • Remaster
  • Remake
  • Reboot
  • Something else

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Like AoE1-3 Definitive Edition it will use the same engine as the Original game. So in this case likely the same engine as AoE3DE.
They already called ti the “Definitive Treatment for AoM” so this option seems very likely. But why did they call it Retold?


The same game as AoM but remade in a new Engine.
The name “Retold” hints to the game being more then just a Remaster.
Also the Atlantians and Chinese are missing in the trailer, which hints on them only remaking the base game first.


Basically an AoM2. The story gets told again but different.
This would be the most work of course.
It doesn’t seem likely because I think they would have called in AoM2.


Just because they didnt show them in the trailer no means they are not included.


Them not being shown doesn’t mean they won’t be there, that’s true.
But if they will be there, why not show them?

That’s why I think it’s not unlikely that they are making a remake and not a remaster.

Not sure why so many people voted “Something Else”, I can’t really think of a 4th option.

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Well you gave them the opportunity to vote for “something else” :smiley: i am personally currently on the same boat like you. Cause of reasons like focus, time, safety, future content options etc. I would really like to see a redone, good looking Atlanteans and especially Chinese, I really do. But I think working on the original 3 civs just makes the most sense for me at the moment at least cause:

  1. They, as you mentioned, showcased the OGs.
  2. Making at least two more civs for launch would not only cost balance and more resources, it would also cost (therefore) more time to develop.
  3. Simple: priorities. It’s better to focus on a “minor” number to deliver quality especially if they really want to try to use a new engine (which I assume will take already time unless they already made assets during AoE4 development or have the man power of CA)
  4. DLCs. If not included, Atlanteans and Chinese will definitely come. Especially when the game sells well.
  5. Effort. I think (and hope) they put a solid amount of resources ans manpower into AoM:retold. If they do, they want to see how the costumers, fans, the community reacts to it before maybe planning further. At least I would do it like that.

First give the ppl something what they know and feel connected to, then look how they like it and big aswell as smaller changes, and if they do and handled it then try to role ads for new content and try to focus on that. And why not try to use the opportunity to make an old Addon to a big DLC since it was already additional content.

Time, resources, safety (and at best quality over quantity)

Btw you still sure none of your family members working at Microsoft in the gaming department? how unfortunate but acceptable and understandable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Totally a remaster.
And it’s called “Retold” because there will be a story replayed again: The Arkantos campaign.
So I think that’s why they called it that way.

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This is the answer. 20 characters

This is more likely. Also, I think they will remade it in a new engine.
Remaster with new engine.
I can’t wait to see it! :slight_smile:

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But that’s a remake!

Remaster = same engine
Remake = new engine

But in both cases the same game as the original

Reboot = new game


I imagine it as a mix of all three.

It will be on an improved version of the same engine, but it will be remade in ways that don’t just include graphical upgrades and balance changes. Rather it will include sweeping changes to gameplay and story that make it somewhat of a new game, hence the game will be “retold”.

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Remaster already confirmed.


Who confirmed it?
Do you have a Link or something?

This news post published after the live stream:

Wait, Did You Say Myth?
Gods will return. Heroes will rise. Legends will battle. Age of Mythology Retold is in production! We know that the Age of Mythology community has been waiting hopefully for a Definitive Edition, and we’ll be delivering. We’re working hard to bring you the glory of the original game with updated graphics, features and more.


I’m more inclined to think it will be a reboot of the franchise

It will be 100% a remaster like Definitive Editions.

Why it’s called Retold? because DE aren’t so Definitive (they have released a lot of DLC for II and III), plus it fits the Mythology theme (oral/written histories that can be told again)

Lets say it’s 100% a remaster like other definitive editons. I would be personally okay with it. But it really has not only greatly improve graphics (and add new civs later) but also improve many other aspects of the game. Hitboxes, pathfinding, more intelligent/versatile AI, day/night cycle (some myth units could get nerfed buffed depending on day or night), - but more natural wild animals and new other neutral encounters, the game also misses maps in cities/ more mythic locations and also neutral buildings on maps with maybe certain advantages after destroying or capturing them would be insanely interesting (not talking about the shrines in AoE4 - no win condition!), also ground/fly options for units would be necessary too and restore old hidden units (sand giant, gryphon etc), improved animations, kill moves and also of course better population handling (1 pop for every human unit, 2 pop for every human unit on a mount etc)

The one thing doesn’t exclude the other. Definitive just means the final version of the game released, but not content final.

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Thank you, for being the one who like ‘objectively’ gets evidence, instead of just claims they know something. +1 for u, or heart, or watever it is

No one should want a re-make, not with the devs who would likely be tasked with making it. aoe4 is a cashgrab, a bad mess, and they now censor the ‘bad news’ or critics, to keep it rolling. aomEE is better but it feels abandoned, with no updates. It sort of ‘missed the mark’ but does provide a way to jump in and play. I hope to see ‘only’ AoM remastered with the normal suggestions.

Eh, can you maybe provide some source for that claim?

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I actually did (with statistics) but the thread was removed. I understand, it’s ironic in both ways. So many butthurt uninformed people, and then people coming in to say ‘yep he’s right’ was intolerable and offensive.

There’s tons of censored or ignored facts all over that while were prevalent at the start, now with their remaining players out of the scammed thousands who left, they seem to ignore it. Such bad playercounts for a 2022 game plummeted and became lower than AoE2(1999 game) by a long shot across the board within only like a month. You might say, what about these other arguably even better ones, like AoM/AoE3? Yes they have lower players, but at release, AoM became the ‘top online strategy game’, AoE3 scored big numbers, AoE4 did not retain those numbers, even with buyers who thought “finally it’s the next aoe”.

The ‘Age of Empires’ title was used to make sales (people tricked it was ‘really’ Age of Empires and not knowing/caring it’s by new developers). To this day there are people not informed why the game is so broken and different; factually missing hotkeys, map editors, traditional modding tools, no AI/RMS script, and other useful features that were always core to the originals.

Tons of RTS people who played games in the series at a top level also gave their critiques and elaborated with points why it was not so good. (find these on youtube or on forums)

It has sort of moved past that point though and there is a ‘small cult following’ mostly of those who never played RTS games or little kids who can’t tell the difference, in a way like they do not know anyway and their ideas of balance are not fully able to be recognized. Much like how a top higher ELO adult player would sort of ‘know’ what to change but a newer player who just thinks something is too powerful does not always know. In the end aoe4 was a cashgrab and that was what people got.

You can currently count statistics from the AoE4 forums. The %'s are like 40-70% of X amount of posts chosen from the top down (any pool of posts rly), all ‘bugreports’, ‘features missing’, ‘errors’, even ignoring the somewhat tolerable ‘dlc suggestion’ threads (and not counting them as bad %). Some of these are even like ‘hotkey not even supported’ sort of patches that a novice dev would add in a day. Even though now we are reaching near the +1 year point, and tons of ‘patches’ that failed to deliver. Even to this day even though no one is outright saying anymore like ‘this is a cash grab by new devs’ (fact, it is ‘not’ Ensemble Studios, it is Relic) who made a game, that really is the same as a fake Ferrari car maker putting the brand Ferrari on a random vehicle, enough to scam a few brand buyers (fact, it is), after trying to make their own sort of RTS that flopped a few years ago (Dawn of War 3). The point is what a high % of bugs and missing things.

Top RTS players have found totally broken things that show the game is not ready for top level playing and competitions, and they conclude they don’t prefer it for a lot of reasons, even though the marketing has plowed through, and they now retain about 5000 out of 1000000 players. I’d imagine a lot of them did not refund and they scammed a ton of $ from just being named ‘Age of Empires’; not me, I’m not even bitter, I only spent like 1$. For this you only need to reference reviews of what most buyers thought, just count how many reviews say ‘this will be great, because its age of empires, one of my favorite games’, not knowing it was some new game, totally new team, no resemblance to the old one. Some critiques were the 1-dimensional siege units and 1-D way of playing the game where pros would try to make some new strategy and fail, then the only thing that ‘changed’ was a few values during patches; patches that, were hailed as ‘going to totally change/fix everything’. I had said before and said again those who thought ‘patches’ were going to iron out those major issues were wrong. They maybe changed spamming siege unit 1 to be replaced with spamming siege unit 2 by changing its stats a bit, those were the only sort of ‘patches’ that kept happening.

I’d imagine if it didn’t have the AoE name/brand, it would have ‘even less’ or be very forgettable… as many people proven were hyped that it’s AoE but literally nothing else. The weird concepts like ‘female khans’ and such were not bad but were kind of distasteful. Something good for marketing and sales or to teach kids something kind of irrelevant yet wrong, but that part is smaller things in the realm of opinion. In the end it’s still so flawed that even new players are constantly finding higher % of problems 1 year in, if they’re the type to put up with that at all. It’s not ‘anything’ like the original games which became not only top RTS games but at times top online games, and had so many players, if you think so, then you are lying. aoe4 to aom/aoe series, is like the empire earth to aoe series, a forgettable thing with ‘even less’ players that had a grandscale idea meant to be grander and inspired by the other, but did not execute it as well.

To this day the tricked players that try to put up with aoe4 still realize there are issues with it. Yet I ask, why take a group that failed at their own game, then tell people ‘this new game they made, it’s basically the same as this one?’ just to get people to buy it? Total hype and greed agenda. Maybe you can say like: it’s good to give people a second chance, but Relic had more than one chance, and didn’t deliver on this one even if more $ and greed was acquired. It seems many people are simply ‘unaware’ of these facts and when confronted with them they just can’t say anything about it.

The facts are there, the evidence is known, it’s just unfortunate the scam worked on so many.

I just hope they aren’t afraid to make major changes right from the start. AoM came out at the worst time in gaming history, right at the transition from 2D to 3D and it feels old. Overhaul the UI, rebalance the population, improve the farming and resource generation… everything should be on the table.