Remaster, Remake or Reboot?

What do you think, will AoM:Retold be a Remaster, Remake or Reboot?

  • Remaster
  • Remake
  • Reboot
  • Something else

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Like AoE1-3 Definitive Edition it will use the same engine as the Original game. So in this case likely the same engine as AoE3DE.
They already called ti the “Definitive Treatment for AoM” so this option seems very likely. But why did they call it Retold?


The same game as AoM but remade in a new Engine.
The name “Retold” hints to the game being more then just a Remaster.
Also the Atlantians and Chinese are missing in the trailer, which hints on them only remaking the base game first.


Basically an AoM2. The story gets told again but different.
This would be the most work of course.
It doesn’t seem likely because I think they would have called in AoM2.


Just because they didnt show them in the trailer no means they are not included.


Them not being shown doesn’t mean they won’t be there, that’s true.
But if they will be there, why not show them?

That’s why I think it’s not unlikely that they are making a remake and not a remaster.

Not sure why so many people voted “Something Else”, I can’t really think of a 4th option.

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Well you gave them the opportunity to vote for “something else” :smiley: i am personally currently on the same boat like you. Cause of reasons like focus, time, safety, future content options etc. I would really like to see a redone, good looking Atlanteans and especially Chinese, I really do. But I think working on the original 3 civs just makes the most sense for me at the moment at least cause:

  1. They, as you mentioned, showcased the OGs.
  2. Making at least two more civs for launch would not only cost balance and more resources, it would also cost (therefore) more time to develop.
  3. Simple: priorities. It’s better to focus on a “minor” number to deliver quality especially if they really want to try to use a new engine (which I assume will take already time unless they already made assets during AoE4 development or have the man power of CA)
  4. DLCs. If not included, Atlanteans and Chinese will definitely come. Especially when the game sells well.
  5. Effort. I think (and hope) they put a solid amount of resources ans manpower into AoM:retold. If they do, they want to see how the costumers, fans, the community reacts to it before maybe planning further. At least I would do it like that.

First give the ppl something what they know and feel connected to, then look how they like it and big aswell as smaller changes, and if they do and handled it then try to role ads for new content and try to focus on that. And why not try to use the opportunity to make an old Addon to a big DLC since it was already additional content.

Time, resources, safety (and at best quality over quantity)

Btw you still sure none of your family members working at Microsoft in the gaming department? how unfortunate but acceptable and understandable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Totally a remaster.
And it’s called “Retold” because there will be a story replayed again: The Arkantos campaign.
So I think that’s why they called it that way.

This is the answer. 20 characters

This is more likely. Also, I think they will remade it in a new engine.
Remaster with new engine.
I can’t wait to see it! :slight_smile:

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But that’s a remake!

Remaster = same engine
Remake = new engine

But in both cases the same game as the original

Reboot = new game


I imagine it as a mix of all three.

It will be on an improved version of the same engine, but it will be remade in ways that don’t just include graphical upgrades and balance changes. Rather it will include sweeping changes to gameplay and story that make it somewhat of a new game, hence the game will be “retold”.

Remaster already confirmed.

Who confirmed it?
Do you have a Link or something?

This news post published after the live stream:

Wait, Did You Say Myth?
Gods will return. Heroes will rise. Legends will battle. Age of Mythology Retold is in production! We know that the Age of Mythology community has been waiting hopefully for a Definitive Edition, and we’ll be delivering. We’re working hard to bring you the glory of the original game with updated graphics, features and more.