Remember to back up your modlist before patch day

Just wanted to remind you people who also have huge modlist to backup your json file with the eanbled mods before the next patch hits and wipes it clean again.

Yes, I am still slightly salty about it the wipe out of the blue.
No, I I am not going the be unprepared again.

Lean from your mistakes people and take precautions.

Make backups before it’s to late.
This holds true for everything on your computer!

@devs an automatic modlist backup at patches and an option to re-enable the modlist pre patch wipe would be nice for the future.


with the aprils patch now in beta. its time to backup mod user folks

How do I do the backup?

Doesn’t the list always stay the same even after patches all you have to do is sort out the mods and enable the mods right?

C:\Users\XXX Your Username\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\XXX Some large random number\mods\

here you will find the mod-status.json. This file containsa list with all zour mods and a enable and disabled. this file gets deleted with everz patch since the dlc came out. back it up

see mz comment above i just wrtoe :slight_smile:

if yu got lots of mods, or multiple similiar mods subsribed, you really dont want to go trough a hundred mods in your collection to pick out the spefici 20 you want to use

I just have 30 mods out of which I use 20 so I guess I don’t need to back up.