Remove Chinese civilisation until properly (Balanced)!

In a team play Chinese reaches Imperial age and with more than 20 cannons with 950HP and Lots of Fire lancers they just destroy landmarks and any army in a second…

Until the devs fix this - please remove this unbalanced super civilization from this game!!!

Those grenadiers are also super stupid. No army is able to stop it…
They have a longer range than Mangudai horse archers, and counter any heavy melee and range unit with ease!
How could this be normal?
Currently, the only counters are Mangonels, nothing else. Because they are too tanky! With 150 HP!!!
What The ■■■■!!! and with crazy AOE damage.
So basically, it is “Tanky - got long-range - high damage - AOE is crazy, too big” !!!

Remove Chinese civ until Balanced!

Fire Lancers are super cheap units that cost 80 food, 20 wood, 20 gold. A complete trash unit.
But it kills any unit with ease when massed bcse it is so easy!
They are even cheaper with the landmark!
Got 55 torch damage which is disgusting for such a price!!!
Its lance charge charges (refresh) in 2 seconds which makes it so damn OP too…

Remove Chinese civ until balanced!

Cannons with 950HP, from clocktower landmark or whatever it is called…
It needs to produce siege with a much slower rate since it gives 50% extra HP… But it is not… The Chinese can spam those toxic cannons like nothing and use it as a frontline unit!!!
It works like a “Tank”, not a siege unit…
Melee units need bonus damage against any siege because this is getting super stupid!!!
All melee units take too long to destroy one ■■■■■■■ Chinese Cannon. (Including scouts!).

Only counters are again, ■■■■■■■ springalds but they get destroyed by those stupid fire lancers like nothing!!!

Remove Chinese civ until they are balanced!!!

The only way to win them is at Dark and Feudal Age before these stupid units…

Edit: In team play, it is way easier to gain resources as they can trade more efficiently!
So I don’t wanna hear how I let the Chinese reach the Imperial age.
Due to trade, 2400F 1200 gold is nothing!
They used the Great wall landmark and walled their trade route so we cannot do quick raids.
It is not low ELO match guys.
1300-1500 is not easy and people are really good at map control and micro!

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maybe, just maybe, don’t let them reach the imperial age soo easly?

they might need a couple of nerf but they are not OP


I mentioned it before man, in a team play they do reach Imperial.
So you just saying don’t let them???
Things happen, and there are good players in 1300-1400 elo in which I play now.
No units trade efficiently against these stupid units.

Agreed, Fire Lancers need to be assessed in team games.

In team games they will reach Imperial, and they mass over 100 fire lancers that will make a mad dash for your TC. The TC will goes down in a couple of seconds. You don’t even have time for your units to respond, it’s a snipe shot and they’ll keep running for your other landmarks that will go down in seconds as well.


If fire Lancer is weakened, who else will play Chinese civilization? 1v1 and 4v4 can’t play, that is, the Chinese civilization has been deleted. The game should retain drama and highlights, so that the game will be more fun and attract more players. Weakening fire Lancer will make the same mistake as weakening nest of bees too much. The game becomes boring and boring…


Currently, fire lancers are Godlike units.
Dividing them into two groups and using wide formation offers a higher percentage of charge damage.
And pulling it just after 1st change and sending the 2nd group while pulling the 1st and repeat.

It has
+10 siege damage (torch damage is 45-55) so 55-65 dmg in total…
+11 ranged unit bonus damage
+AOE damage
+2 second charge refresh.
+Very cheap (Cheaper with Landmark)
Definitely needs a huge nerf.

I agree with OP, plus the bees nest siege piece are overpowered too, able to remove cavalry super fast, 4 springhald can’t kill a bee nest, practically you can’t reach the chinese arty pieces. Meanwhile they are fire lancing the landmarks

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Let me ask, when Chinese players use twice as many resources (400f200g, 1200f600g, 2400f1200g) to build two landmarks,What were you doing then?


Yeah, stuff does happen in team games. Stuff like everyone lets everyone get to imperial and afford to build 20 cannons or anything else that they want.

And yeah, clock tower plus range buff is OP, maybe halve those bonuses, but we’ll have to see what the springald changes do to bombards.

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Nah, mangos are better. Firelancers are the chinese mangonel tbh… nest isn’t good.

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maybe someone who is better than you??

Guys, please, stop. They won’t balance the game for 4v4, and yes, Chinese imp is strong, that’s their main selling point. But you need to build a lot of landmarks. 4 v 4 is a totally different game, and everyone just goes for imp and tries to fight with siege units. They can’t balance that.


If they can’t balance team games to be playable then they should just remove it from the game altogether. Just make it a 1v1 game then.

Personally I don’t like 1v1 cause I like to play together with others. On big maps taking out Chines early is very hard, meaning those OP fire lancers are coming sooner or later.

How about remove Mongol civ before balanced?
Mongol TR is made me quite sick.


In 1v1 if you could let China to mass fire lancers mean you play bad, honestly.


As with most Age of empires games, there are just some civs you shouldn’t allow to go up to Imperial untampered with.

i rephrase some suggestions about playing bad etc: remove team games.

If u allow to build the wonder in 1vs1 u play bad, if u allow china build the unit in T4 - u play bad.
Just win, do not loose, is it hard? [sarkazm]

It’s good that all games ending in T2 or T3, if u allow china to go into T4 → u played bad.

The suggestion to remove Chinese civilization is not bad. But first, remove the Mongol civilization please. Mongol Tower rush = Auto win.


I’ve been playing Chinese since the beginning of the game and I’ve only tried twice the nest of bees, once when the game got out, I thought mangonels were better and once more after the last week patch, still think mangonels are better.


I didnt play 1vs1, as I said it is a team match on a very defensive map with choke points.
That is why it is so damn hard to rush them early, and it is not a low elo match.
1300-1400 elo I play in 3vs3.