Remove Chinese civilisation until properly (Balanced)!

Chinese tower rush is much better tho

So how did you made your opponent reach Ming? That’s 3600 resources needed, and Yuan also required 1800 resources to reach.
Having such “extra” 5400 resource, I think any civilization can easily win. It’s the cost of 22.5 knights or 5.4 cannons. That’s just so much.

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in 3v3 1 player rush ming easy. Just stone walls.

That is a low elo method mate.
I would say below 900.

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I think he or she wants to Remove Chinese civ until they are balanced… yes definitely.

The grenadier thing is true, hands down to that…

There is no team balance in an RTS, and if it comes close to it, you have to start with 1vs1.

Truth is, almost no one would into Ming dynasty in 1v1
Cuz Yuan 15%sped is way better then 10% health. If you don’t want to build wonder for victory
Unless I really need to unlock grenadier


But Mongol tower only cost 70 woods with speed boost, also they could mess spearman and recon x2 with stone


Racism for Chinese.
or Noob players?
No Logic or Reason?


why do you guys dont build walls? :slight_smile:

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I think they are Noob players


Tbh they should change the landmark victory condition in kill all landmarks of the team in TGs - then firelancers will be fine - the biggest problem atm is just how strong siege is - but well that’s not a Chinese problem that’s an overall problem - late game is just a siege fiesta - even firelancer antisiege dont do that well into siege with spears 11.

In AoE II there have been many crazy games where one of our team(2v2, 3v3 with friends 2,5k tg elo) went down to 2-3 vils and boomed back in the game with sling you can just drop 6 tcs and be back in the game in <5-6 mins.


chinese still got the auto-crossbow feudal, the eco boost, the military production boost, the research boost, the zerg version of the MaA, 2x more efficient houses until they got +120 pop. the building that give 100 for all ressources when there is a relic…bro wtf chinese won’t be deleted just because they take 3 or 4 damage from the fire lancer D=

I had similar games in AoE2, but I like the landmark condition a lot and think it is a good mechanic for AoE4.

First of all, it wouldn’t change the fact, that late game will be a siege fest, because you will still need it for breaking enemy positions and its very strong against land units, too. In my opinion the problem with siege is, that the only way to counter it, when it is protected by a few spears, is getting more siege. Maybe the springald changes will do something here, so you can get racked, if you over commit into siege units.

Back to landmark victory:
I don’t know what your experience is, but I think for every good base trade game, I got 3 were people just didn’t quit, when it was clearly over. Needing to get spies to kill the last vil as an extreme. Landmarks give you a definitive end to games and an objective you can go for with a last surprise attack, if you are behind.

In regards to firelancer surprise attacks: I think we will see people walling in their landmarks more. Firelancers cannot break stonewalls so running through with firelancers couldn’t end the game in that way anymore.

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Fire lancer is almost not used in higher elo 1v1s. It’s pretty much a noob stomper unit. Normally Chinese turtles into siege infantry in lategame - and if it goes lategame it’s basically a won game considering the strength of Chinese siege. They are actually considered the 3rd best overall civ atm and the best civ on closed maps.

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are you serious? pls choose china in 1v1 and try, you can understand how weak this civ is. the springald weaken and china suddenly become a tier B civ, this civ is awkward because it can not organize an effective attack before having fire lancer, England, France, mongal, Rus can ruin it so easy in early time.

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btw since most complayins are about fire lancers… pls chek this testing video… and decide if they are op or not. An In-Depth Analysis of the Fire Lancers! - YouTube

That’s not true just bc you don’t know how to react to it 11.

absolutely agree with you, in my opinion, almost only noob will complain about china and its fire lancer if they remember to build a stone wall around their landmark things will be better. china is so weak in the early game and after weakening springald china even can not organize an effective attack before Yuan, while other civ can easily end the game in the early 15mins. i’m a china player and get tired to face mongal tower rush, england longbow and French knight, 1v1 game don’t have space for china, now i’m chasing fun in 3v3 and 4v4.

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Chinese is not a 1v1 civ.
As I said, it is a team civ and best at it.