Remove Chinese civilisation until properly (Balanced)!

Well, china is the best civ for closed maps like Hill and Dale. The strength of them is just the late game siege that is completely broken. I just don’t see why you would go fire lancers instead of halb siege in most games - the strongest army will be mostly siege units in the late-game anyways.

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At present, the late siege in AoE 4 is very strong and can not be changed. China is designed as a late civilization. I suggest that the siege in the game be weakened, so China’s intensity will be greatly reduced

The Chinese fire Lancer cavalry is a unit that targets buildings and has high aoe damage, but they can’t attack the city wall. Unless it is a civilization like Ross and Mongolia that can’t build the city wall, their sneak attack will fail immediately

There is a topic about fire Lancer. I think you can participate in the discussion to increase the production cost of fire Lancer and reduce the movement speed of fire Lancer, but it will not significantly weaken them and prevent them from degenerate into ordinary scouts. I think it is a good idea

[Please nerf fire lancers]

This is just a matter of game balance, not game design. You cannot delete this civilization because it is too strong at a certain time. The game is the result of the efforts of developers. The production team will not modify the game content because of the personal preferences of players

It’s hard for me to survive in the late game, most civ can cut down my economy in the early game. I know when is china’s time, but my enemy knows it as well and they do not give me such chance.

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