Remove cinder particles from main menu (particle texture location)

Hi, anyone knows where the Main Menu’s cinder particle’s texture is located? I want to make them a transparent texture (so they become invisible) because they’re cool but they don’t look that good with the menu background mod I’m using currently

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the cinder particles’s were program generated.
They are simple dots with varying shades, sizes, and opacities of white, yellow, orange, and red.

They changed them to snow for the winter, so it must be possible somehow. If not as particle file, then at least a text file where it’s defined.

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Did that come with the holiday pack? if so then i can look into it for the snow file

I cannot find it too.

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It isn’t on the winter pack, nobody knows this? is it even possible?

This is the official answer I got on Discord:

ember particles are hardcoded, there is currently no external mod-able config file


It’s frustrating. :cry:

Once i open this game and “did nothing”,GPU spiking as **** (filtered)
Plz disable fire embers or any other useless animation
At least add option somewhere
Fire embers contributed to global warming. how dare you .
Make it silent as other edition before game started, please

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Good news. Sort of.
I figured out which files control those particles, at least the relevant shader.

go to AoE2DE\resources_common\shaders\
then go to the d3d11 subfolder

You can delete them; but if you really want them gone, you should replace them with an empty file of the same name, so that they don’t come back the next time you update.

I tried putting the empty files into a mod, but the game doesn’t want to use the modded ones then. So you have to manually delete/replace them.

If anyone happens to have a backup of the game files from the period during the winter holidays, please let me know. I tried to get the old files from steamdb, but even with those shaders, I couldn’t get the snow particles.

EDIT: I found another way to disable them.
Try this mod:


Good job Zetnus,really appreciate!
This mod reduce my GPU usage from 90% to 80% at main menu.
But other menus only take half usage ,so something hardcoded still works behind i guess.

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Thank you very much Zetnus. Switching between in-game menus is so much faster after installing the No Embers mod.