Remove/Temp. ban players who have very low fps in TG for 5 min+

Team games have become unplayable because some people cant manage to buy a PC that isnt from 2004 and as you might know, due to its technical limitations, every player in the game can have max. the FPS as the lowest FPS from any player.

The solution is simple, since some either cheat to get into the required performance bracket or trash their PCs on purpose during a game, players who cant manage to hold stable FPS for a total of 5 min, should be automatically removed from the game and temporarily banned from Team games.
Consecutive removals will result in longer bans from TG.

Falsely flagging my comment for “offensive, abusive, or a violation of community guidelines” is very inappropriate from certain member in this community.


Blame the current patch for lag in 4v4 late imp battles. The devs said they fixed issues, but in practise they increase the lag…



I love when one player ruins the TG.

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Have you seen Jordans stream where he plays with zuppi, miguel and vilesse against another 4 pros… all of them having great PCs. But then blaming players and not the game…


What is very low fps?
What is players who cant manage to hold stable FPS?

I assume you are having performance issues in unranked games, since performance benchmark test somewhat solves this for ranked gameplay.


in my opinion i think the idea of the op unreasonable since not everyone can afford and high end pc and as it stand the new patch causing laggs too

so the op just looking for a reason to ban everyone who has a low spec pc eventho they wanna play the game aswell


Does anyone know the answer to this question - when one player out of 8 is not handling updates fast enough, does it cause them the same problem as everyone else, or do they not themselves have the problem? What I’m thinking is that everyone else has the problem because their game can’t update till the slow PC has finished processing, and this manifests as a noticeable time gap between each update of their game’s graphics. But the player with the slow PC isn’t waiting for anyone, so does the game actually run fine for them at the same time as running terribly for everyone else? The OP mentioned people deliberately trashing their PC while playing, and this would only make sense if it made the game run worse for other people than it does for them.

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We already have such rule… Do you think the required benchmark test before you are able to play ranked is unreasonable? Also: Every game has some specs that are required before you can play the game. That is totally fine. You cant assume a new game will still be playable at your Window 95 PC. I still know i bought some completely different game somewhere in the 2000s. Our PC was pretty old, so it couldnt handle the game. Is that for me a reason to blame the game? Not at all. Conclusion: You cant say that this suggestion is unreasonable for that reason.

Still i dont like it. I feel like the OP just noticed a lot more lag in the current patch. This lag has nothing to do with technical limitations of the user. The main reason for this lag is the latest update. In the patch notes is stated that they fixed some lag issues. In reality they seems to create even more lag. If you look at the bug report section, then you will see many reports about increased lag due to the update.

So currently the main issue is the game it self. The devs need to look carefully into that issue. They even might need to release an hotfix to reduce the lag. That is the real source of the lag issue.

Yes, it might be that some users use a potato PC, but that is pretty rare. So those few players arent an issue at all. OP is just frustrated about the lag in the current patch and needs to blame someone for that issue. At least that is how i see his suggestion.

True, it got much much worse with the update. Before that there were still some who cant handle 4v4 and get a yellow clock directly at the start of the game. But since patch its red clocks in the middle of the game with 1-2 fps.


Just increase the necessary benchmark score for team games to 1100. Also search the internet for ways to circumvent the benchmark test and fix them!

honestly tho i get your point but not everyone want to play just sp other wanna experience mp too

And its their right to play mp too i mean ranked benchmarking should regulate it but allas some people still come through. Also thats not a valid comparison with the cheating since people cheat on purpose and not volunteerly because they want to be like others

regarding to my benchmark topic even if they come through they are as the conduct says allowed to play

no, the benchmark is at best good for 1vs1 or 2vs2 at max. benchmark score of 1000 in a 2vs2 200 pop cap is already the limit of acceptable fps. I have many people who score around 1k can’t handle 3v3 against AI with 200 pop cap. for TG the benchmark should be raised to minimum 1100 for 3v3 and 1200 for 4v4.

@FaddishClover85 banning just because someone has a crappy PC and pass their bare limit benchmark shouldnt warrant ban. because the limit is set by the devs why should they get punished for something they didn’t do any wrong in? its the game that failed and treat 1000 score as enough for 4v4 which clearly isn’t, ontop of that this patch made it even worse. let the dev fix this, and see how it goes.

heres some constructive criticism. up the benchmark score minimum requirement for TG over 3v3 to be at least 1150 to 1200. allow non-rank game hosts to set a benchmark score condition for their lobby, which automatically disallow player to join, who doesn’t run benchmark, or benchmark with a lower score than said limit.

Even that is setting a fairly low standard for acceptable. My PC that scores 1160 couldn’t even play the Mongol Raiders single player challenge without visibly non-smooth animation of units. My PC that scores 1260 played it with everything staying smooth at all times.

I wonder if it would be an option to do 2 factor matchmaking like driving games do. In driving games, there are many rules that are not enforced by the game, and to address this it’s common to rate people on 2 factors - one for how fast they are, and one for how safe/sporting they are. So people who tend to hit other cars get matched with people who also have a lot of collisions, before then being matched based on pace. So AoE II DE could do something similar, it could split people into below 1200 score, and above, and only after that match on ELO. Obviously this would reduce how well matchmaking works, but I’d say there are enough players to support a single cutoff like that, and at higher ratings where it’s harder to get matched, most people probably have hardware that can score over 1200.

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1160 is enough, also what everyone describe smooth is different. ive seen some people getting 40 fps and complain about lag, which is understandable as they coming from 120fps+ gaming. this game using old engine and is cpu bound, 1 core and very dependent on frequency and IPC.

also tested single player vs online player lobby, both time just me with 7 AI. hosting a lobby online with 7 AI lag so much more vs single player. 100 fps vs 40 fps, a huge difference which shouldnt happen. theres somethign seriously wrong with online play and they need to figure it out and fix.

You don’t need to afford a highend PC to play AoE2. A reasonable good PC would totally be fine. You wouldn’t even have to spend 400 bucks for a good enough PC. But either some players seem to play on their computers from the 90s or something’s still messed up with the game.

It happens to me often enough that I have players in matches with a “red clock” that seem to slow down the whole game. As soon as they leave/drop, the game runs fine again. And this is in ranked. Even though there is a benchmark test, I still get matches where I have to play with 1 FPS sometimes. And this is not since the last patch, it has been like this all the time.

The problem right now is that the anniversary update broke team games. In every game, without fail, extreme lag will start right around imperial age. So even if everyone has a powerful PC, lag will happen.


and then we have people who want to temp ban unrightious because of bad pcs i think the op’s reasoning is unjust as all should enjoy the game

@Atafas Well, I don’t know who is saying they want to temp ban anyone from the game for having bad PCs (at least noone in this thread, as far as I have read). What the OP is saying is that players with too low FPS should be banned from ranked play, if they somehow manage to get past the benchmark test. They are not being punished for having bad PCs, but for tricking the benchmark system. Or maybe the benchmark is just set too low and should have a higher threshold as some have suggested in this thread.

These players can still do quick match, custom match or single play and still enjoy the game. I can absolutely understand the thought behind banning anyone from ranked who’s PCs doesn’t seem to be up for the task ruining the experience for everyone else. I mean, this is banning people, who weren’t meant to play ranked in the first place, because the benchmark test would prevent them to do so. The benchmark system is there for a reason. But some manage to get around it or the benchmark system is not thorough enough.

There is no real justification from the op for this statement as yes they could rather play sp but what is aoe2 de without even remotely trying to go for mp

The problem is that one player with a red clock in a 4v4 team game is ruining the game for 7 other people. If it only made the game bad for that one player, no problem, but it makes the game bad for everyone else.