Removing Wonder Victory in Campaigns

I was wondering how I would go about turning off the wonder victory condition in campaigns. In my opinion, it takes all the fun out of the game. It forces you to destroy the wonder within 10-15 minutes or lose, and the wonders are often deep within the enemy’s town, so you’re basically being forced to defeat your enemy within a 10-15 minute window or lose. I figured there must be a way to turn off wonder victories in campaign mode, I just don’t know how. Any help would be appreciated.

Most campaigns with wonder victory are meant to have it, as an extra challenge.

That’s fine, but how do I turn it off?

Are you creating scenarios, or playing campaigns in the game?

Playing campaigns in the game.

You can’t, it’s part of the campaigns, it’s meant to be there. You can’t just remove victory conditions because you don’t like them.

All I’m saying is there has to be a file somewhere that you can edit to turn it off. With all the different kinds of mods there are here I’m sure someone has figured it out.

In some of the campaign scenarios your enemy has wonders but the wonder victory is disabled. That proves there’s a way to turn it off.

Yes its turned off by the creator,players cant turn it on or off.

If you played the lepanto historical battle there you need to build a wonder and defend it.Just imagine the turk player turning it off, how are you going to win?

You can extract the scenarios from campaigns and edit them and then create a local mod

Edit: but then, how would last Attila scenario play?

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You can win by destroying all their buildings and units. In fact, it’s probably the easiest way to win Lepanto…

You could extract and edit them, but it won’t count for achievements, or actual campaign progress. There is no way to edit the official ones without making a local copy that doesn’t count for anything as far as the game is concerned.

Easier way is to build the wonder back in your base and just make tons of fire ships to patrol the shore line.

Where are the existing campaign files located? I would like to check out the York historical battle specifically. I am just recently getting into creating custom campaigns and would love to be able to check out some of the triggers that they used. Thanks