Renewals to the original content and its first two expansions

… Something tells me they will be in the future.


This is just what I was asking for.


e triste como eles representarão a américa do sul no jogo adicionaram poucos mapas e so 2 nativos tupi e mapuche acho que no desenvolvimento do jogo, pensarão 90% nas colônias britânicas e nativos norte americanos

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There was already a statement about it and I think they will add more maps (hopefully new biomes) and natives.


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What is promised is debt. I hope you like it.

I made some changes from the original proposal. Now one villager for every 10 cows, and one villager for every 15 sheep.

I made this proposal so that it is not too automatic, but it would be somewhat tedious because 7 villagers would be needed. So only 4 workers would be needed with this newly proposed change.

The pens would have to be redesigned so that the animation of milking or shearing looks good. FE has good artists and they will surely do better than what I proposed (if they do, of course). But I would love it.

For those who say that this would be something OP, I would say that this is similar to a sea strategy. It would not be an opening strategy and you will depend on cards to make it biable. For instance:

Captura de pantalla (393)

The letter of 7 infinite sheep + a corral would be reduced accordingly and the corrals would be more expensive in wood.

The ‘ranching’ card would make cattle cheaper and extend the limit. We could create cows by default, but the default limit would not be 20, it would be 10 and its price would not be 80 for food, it would be higher. For sheep the limit would be 20. Then this card could increase the limit of cows and sheep to +10.

The card currently enables cows in the corral, but it is better that they are accessible from the beginning with a maximum of 10 and a price higher than that of the sheep.

This way the player can use cattle later even if he does not have cattle decks. Such as someone who does fishing without having opted for an economic strategy of the sea, it would not have the same benefits as if you used the cards.


And if they could add Jesuits to more South American maps that’d be nice too.


They have been doing that already. I think the change is nice in a historical sense but gameplay wise it won’t make much of a difference if Jesuits are not buffed, specially in terms of techs to African Natives level viability


Native gunpowder units are needed for Central and South America. Tupies could have powder units. Even cannons because I think they used artillery too (I’m not sure). A minor faction that grants artillery might be interesting.

Maroons would make the most sense for a powder unit in that region. Tupis may have used guns eventually, but it would have taken them a while to adopt them.

If they’re ever added as a minor faction, Malay could have an artillery unit as some type of Bedil.

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I re-checked the card roster for several civs and I think Swedes should be the new “benchmark” of the card designs for European civs in future updates. If you look at the number of unique cards and unique mechanics provided by cards, Swedes has much more.
They do not to be so unique as US or Asian/African/Native Americans civs because those civs are already very unique in themselves. But it is still possible to add a lot more new cards based on actual history. Look at US, they can dig out so many small events in the history of those 20 states in the game and turn them into cards. Not to mention Africans and Aztecs/Incas who already had a lot of unique cards but still received more in recent updates. Meanwhile many important historical and regional/ethnical themes are still missing for the old European civs.

For example:
Germans can pull out a lot of cards based on different electorate states (they do not necessarily need to get something as drastic as the federal state mechanics. Just cards like “XXX support” is fine enough)
French missing revolution and Napoleon. And why French has no Zouave cards? They are the first to create that unit.
British missing the industrial revolution and civil war (e.g. cards based on parliamentary or royalist parties)

That would not necessarily affect high-level competitive gameplay just like many gimmicks in the non-European civs, but it would make them more appealing.


yeah i agree that Sweden is a good point for European faction to look at in terms of uniqueness of cards, the way you for example upgrade units is completely different with Sweden compared to other European factions where it usually is just dmg/hp for 2 units. instead with Sweden its dmg for ALL melee units or caroleans now have ranged resist.

i think the germans try a little to mention some history? but obviously it is such a big and diverse group that it is hard to include things, not only in cards but also in units.

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If in the future they include maritime trade routes in American maps, the most obvious maps for this would be the Caribbean and Hispaniola. The trade route of the Caribbean map goes from being a trabois to a merchant ship. On the map Hispaniola would be something new, but if this is included it would cease to be a boring map that people almost always avoided playing.

In addition there could also be treasures in the water.

The Amazon map could have a new version where the players start on the same side of the river and there are two maritime trade routes, the first with trading posts in the part where there are players, and the other maritime route on the other side of the river where there are no There are players and would travel in the opposite direction.

Each player will have access to 2 native villages and on the other side there will be 2 more villages and many treasures.

There could also be treasures in the river.


I want Koreans to be a major civ not just some minor faction in the korean map. I agree with the rest of the suggestions though.

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I don’t know if it meets the requirements enough, but I would love to see this unit:

korean turtle ship

It might not be a full civilization, but it could be a consulate ally, or the age-advancing one of some new civilization in the future.


A Black Forest map originated from the Amazon Forest would be awesome.

And the Amazon River map should be updated: It sucks.


The Amazon could be subdivided into many maps, after all it is almost half of South America.

Another map that I would like to see is the Guagira peninsula. It would be a map with a style similar to the sonora desert.


Of course a Korean civ (considered that they already appeared in the other aoe)…


Now that Mexico is here as the “most strategically diverse civilization” I think this should be brought up again.
It’s great we have all those creativities flowing into the new civs, but the problem is again old civs now look too blend (Mexico with the federal states + reversible revolutions would result in almost 2x card options than most other civs). And the old civs would not even be considered for some major updates balance-wise because many of them are actually quite effective.

I’d suggest these to be considered some time later:

  • Adding a few more unique cards or rework some useless cards. Do not need to be as numerous as US/Mexico. The Spanish Gold is a great example that opens up a new meta, gives Spain more flexibility, while still in consistent with the playstyle of Spain. Aztecs as a very “old” civ also get a few new cards and they are at least interesting.
  • For Europeans specifically, improve some unique church techs (the 92849th time) that give more interesting playstyles (not just one-time unit shipments) like the Nizam Reforms, or at least as useful as the Russian ones.
  • More useful and unique age-up options like the Logistician or the Mercenary Contractor. BTW the logistician for some civs are useless.

These would not significantly impact gameplay. The old metas are still there, and the updates are on some very underused aspects. Also, even for civs as versatile as the US, people soon figure out one or two optimal build orders. So giving a few more potentially viable options for other civs would not hurt in any sense.