Replace minor tribes that are in the wrong location

There are very small Muslim minorities in Mongolia and significant numbers in the Tarim basin but these are very poorly represented by Sufis on elephants. The Buddhists in Ceylon are a bit less of a stretch. One of the developers commented saying for minor factions to be worth the effort they have to be used in at least 5 maps. A Mongol settlement would fit into Mongolia, Manchuria, Silk Road, Yellow River, and even Siberia so it’s not like it’s too niche to be worth the effort. A better fit for Ceylon would be Tamils but the map pool to justify that would be a bit small without more maps like Malabar or Coromandel to fill out India.

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There were muslims in Mongolia but not sufi muslims or muslims with war elephants. That’s the biggest problem.
Sufi in the current game is the only muslim minor faction and has war elephants. So they are there whenever they need muslims and/or war elephants.
In case of Mongolia, the war elephant part does not fit. (and Sufism wasn’t influential in Mongolia either, but let’s first pretend Sufi = muslim in this game)

If one wants to stick to “muslims in Mongolia”, at least design another muslim site that fits better (without war elephants). Or simply implement a Mongol native.

Same with Zen. Zen is buddhism but buddhism is not solely zen. Also the Zen site in game is very Japanese-flavored and does not fit in many other parts of the world.

In fact buddhism is very influential in Mongolia as well, but the Zen site does not fit either because it is too Japanese.


Sounds good to me, as a suggestion the Jivaro could have 2 units:

  1. Jivaroan Blowgunner
  2. Iwias (meaning “demon of the jungle”).

The Iwias could be a spearman with a speed equal to the Coyote Runner and also possess the stealth ability.


One of its technologies could be “Arutam Encounter”: it is a religious rite of passage, carried out mainly by Jivaro males to “have a close encounter with the spirits” with the objective, among other things, of improving their performance in combat; this technology could increase the attack of the common soldiers and/or the Explorer.


Another interesting idea could be to create a map that has day-night cycles (like in Warcraft 3 / DOTA), Jivaroan warriors could increase their attack stats at night (like Night Stalker from DOTA).

As a final comment: the Jivaroan have always been associated with terror (even today)

Flag of the Wampis (a group belonging to the Jivaro people) recognized by the UN, takes as its inspiration the symbols used by the Jivaros in the colonial period.

Interesting stuff, thanks for adding to the topic.

Jivaroan Blowgunner is a pretty plain name, maybe that could be called something like Iwias or Wañuchic or some of the other designations mentioned here:

I really don’t like speedy spearmen or speedy stealth units. A stealthy but slow spearman would be unique enough on its own.
Plumed Spearmen are a cheese unit because they can do hit and run sieging of buildings while countering anything that’s fast enough to catch them and avoiding anything that counters them. Scout rushes with a speedy stealthy unit were also very annoying. We don’t need more annoying units like them.

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I also remembered the Iwias belonging to the army of what is now Ecuador, they fought in the 1995 conflict.

hqdefault (1)

At first the Ecutaronian Iwias fought against young Peruvian recruits from the border (ironically, these recruits also belonged to the Jivaro people), later they fought against the Yanahuma commandos.

You are right, a fast lancer and also with stealth ability would be too OP, so it could be a medium/slow speed lancer/halberdier with good siege damage and stealth ability (which would be more historically accurate)

Looks like many ideas discussed here got implemented. That is a great news.


Oh, have any civs been removed or added?

At least Tengri is added to some central Asian maps.


They should at least add more maps to Mexico/Central America, instead of putting Mayas and Zapotecs in South America.


I’d say make an Arabic Muslim minor civ and maybe an Egyptian minor civ as well. Maybe even make the House of Osman an actual minor civ instead of just a card.

Also, I’m surprised they didn’t add Sufis to the Anatolia map.

Non of the civ cards that are house of … are a minor civ as far as I am aware.

I think Bragança is a branch of Habsburg (or maybe Wettin since that’s what shows up in the Portugal map).

No, it isn’t. It’s a branch of the House of Aviz.

Like stated by YolkyPage Braganca is not Habsburg, the only Habsburg rulers of Portugal were the ones of Spain who ruled Portugal in a personal union.

Wettin is the German house that ruled (Braunswig first I think?), Hanover and then Britain. Wettin is probably on Portugal map due to them having the oldest alliance


Desculpe por responder em português.
A parte de sua resposta sobre os Habsburgos esta correta, eles reinaram em Portugal num regime de união pessoal com a Espanha. Quando Portugal rompeu a união, a casa Bragança subiu ao trono por ter ascendencia da antiga casa de Aviz.
Ja os Wettins eram originalmente os eleitores da Saxônia e também reinaram na Polônia. Sua representação no mapa de Portugal se deve ao casamento no século XIX da Rainha Maria II de Portugal com Fernando de Saxe-Coburgo-Gota, um ramo da casa de Wettin, e então a dinastia portuguesa passou a se chamar Bragança-Saxe-Coburgo-Gota.


Zapotecs should also be removed from Incas’ card American Allies (or however it’s called). Might as well replace them with the Quechua.

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Damn I feel stupid now lol, I knew Wettin was Saxony, but I guess my brain just decided to not to, not Braunschwig though, what is Welf.

Although Britain and Hanover are cadet branches of Wettin.

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I hope the devs get around to adding the Wittelsbachs to the Acropolis map; aside from acknowledging the Philhellenism of the House and the reign of Otto I, I think it would help make it less boring by reducing the number of maps that exclusively feature the Phanariotes as the only available minor civ.

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I think if there was an Ottoman minor civ that would help with variety as well.

I think Ottomans are the only civ from the original game that isn’t represented by a Royal House at all (if you don’t count Phanar lol)