Replace minor tribes that are in the wrong location

Remove the Mayans and Zapotecs as allies of the Incas. They do not make sense historically and geographically speaking.

I think Mayas were replaced with Caribs, though idk if that makes much more sense.

Ideally Muisca should replace Zapotec, and Jivaro should replace Caribs for the Inca alliance card.

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And Quechuas could replace Tupis

I don’t think Tupi are part of it. I believe the options are Zapotec, Carib, and Mapuche. Only Mapuche makes any sense.

Well, I certainly remember Tupis among that. Maybe they were replaced but nobody documented that?

In compensation for Maya being removed from several maps, they could be added to Caribbean. The Putun Maya made trading voyages into the Caribbean.

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Interesting find. Definitely makes more sense than Mayas in South America.

That could be combined with the Mexico split I suggested.

I think we could have Jesuits in the Amazon and in Florida and maps of the Caribbean. I understand that they would already be on too many maps, but it would still make sense.

They could even be included in the map of the Andes to replace the Zapotecs.

If the developers add at least three more maps based on the Mexico/Mesoamerica region, they can remove Zapotecs and Mayans from South American maps while still keeping them in the minimum of 5 maps they want for minor civs.

I’d suggest maps based on Guatemala, Oaxaca (Zapotecs’ historical homeland) and maybe Texcoco/Tenochtitlan.

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