Replacing Keep design with Fortified Tower

Are there any mods that replace the Keep design with the Fortified Tower? I think the Fortified Tower is an underrated building that has very good designs in each architecture set. It’s also convincingly a much better fit for the term “Keep” than the in-game Keep. That’s not to say I don’t like Keeps, but I think a change would be cool.

Not that I’m aware of but if you download SMX Studios, you can create one. In this case it’s really simple. In every graphic set the Tower4 file is the keep, end of the line. Not sure what the Fortified Towers are under but it’s probably the SCEN_******.SLD section of the graphics folder.

But once you create a local scenario folder (just download say a castle reskin, go to local, copy and paste, then delete the graphics file at the end of the folder and the JOLN file at the beginning and rename the mod folder to what you want for identification)

It’s a swap, and you can do it in five minutes if you know the file names and the locations. Joining the SMX studio discord is a lifesaver for questions. As for the graphics, root around in the data file to see placement, for the mod files, there’s a local files option in game when selecting mods.

I didn’t understand a word of what you just said.

Do you want to? Or do you want others to make this mod for you?

Considering I don’t know the first thing about modding, having others make it would be ideal.

@Apocalypso4826, I can make a mod for you that does it. Do you use standard or enhanced graphics?

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I use standard graphics. I think my computer would melt if I used enhanced.