Replays are not working

I played some skirmish (standard game) matches with the record game selected but I can’t watch the replays. Instead I just get these.

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Are you playing from Steam or Microsoft Store? Have you tried saving and loading campaign or multiplayer content?

I’m playing from steam.
Still haven’t played multiplayer, but I’m able to normally load games from both campaign and standard games.
No luck with any replays tho

@MasterSncKnight Are you still seeing this issue?

Yes, no replays work at all.
It’s always the same message.
Btw just played a multiplayer game with my friend, the restore function worked fine on my end (my friend disconnected so the save loaded him as resigned).

Are you getting the same kind of error with all types of saves: save game, replay, map editor save, etc?

only replays
save games are working, both for single and multiplayer
haven’t tried anything with the map editor yet

Is this happening with all replays? Or a specific replay only? Can you try making a new one today and see if it functions?

Yes, all replays are having the same issue, none of them work at all, be it single player, multiplayer or campaign.
Just made a new replay and it still doesn’t work

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I don’t even get to see the game at all on my side
It shows that image at 0:14 in the vid and then immediatelly cuts off to that error message

Update: I just got the update 33059 to my AoE2 DE and the issue seems to be fixed as of now, I’m being able to watch all replays I tried (and I have a lot of them)
Both single player, multiplayer and campaign are working fine, and all of those were from the previous version.
I also just played a new single player match and the replay worked correctly in its entirety, so thanks for this fix update o/

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oh rip
I hope they get to fix it soon

Thanks for letting us know this is fixed for you!