Reporting a bunch of bugs that have more than 1 year on age of empires 3

window 11, most updated window.
todays date aoe3 build version

i integrate all bugs on a video, because its harder to create a topic per bug, i’m reporting roughly 6 bugs
hotkeys that do nothing
lobby buttons that do nothing

03:15 villagers after finishing first berrybush go idle and when the other berrybush is depleted then these idles villagers are detected as idle (04:50), 01:35 minutes with roughly 9 villagers idle. I already reported this bug on jan 2021).

this 3 hotkeys do nothing instead of resigning, quitting game, selecting flare type

minute 02:08 villager goes idle and its not detected as idle

08:20 clicking on the clock doest nothing instead of sorting it by time of creation
08:37 sort by casual rank does nothing instead of sorting it by level of casual rank

i hope this is attended as soon as possible, i’m very dissapointed.