Compilation of bugs, i keep playing but you dont keep fixing

fix the bugs please:

Q: What if I report a bug, maybe even multiple times, and it isn’t getting fixed?
A: When we see issues reported, we go through a process to figure out how we can best resolve them and this may be a good opportunity to explain what that looks like. This includes looking at how many users it’s impacting, whether or not we can reproduce the issue to better understand and fix the bug itself, and sometimes spending time going back and forth with particular users to clarify what’s being reported. Some bugs are quick and easy, while others can be quite difficult to chase down and force us to take additional steps like the Enhanced Logging build or inviting specific users to help us try and reproduce these issues. In every case we also have to weigh bug fixes vs ongoing feature work, content creation, and other workstreams that are equally important to the Community. At times, we’re aware that this makes you feel a little unheard when you think an important bug isn’t being addressed, but please rest assured, we care about every single bit of feedback and over time we hope to get to quite a lot – if you keep playing, we’ll keep fixing!

i keep playing but you dont keep fixing