Reporting players for wasting time/griefing

Is there any point in reporting these people? i see so many people do this when they obviously lost just to be annoying/spite you for being better than them or something.

I am aware of this post : How to Report a Player
But its not very helpful in this question.

Here is a video from today i recorded of a player doing it on black forest ranked match

all i’m asking is is this something worth reporting for or is this just a waste of time and these people can keep playing ranked like normal?

its super gross and i hate it as well, they’ll make an excuse like this guy saying he’s “trying to win”, but in reality its just out of spite… but standby for the forum supporters that support this behaviour…

also you arent allowed to post other player’s names here, so your post will be censored by admins…


oh i didn’t know that, i edited his name out.

A conquest games ends if all enemies are defeated or resigned. In most games it would be resign, but some just waste time and wait till they be defeated. It is just according to the rules of the game. I understand it is annoying. If i would face this, i would be annoyed too. But to me, he didnt really anything wrong. There is no reason to report this game. They dont break any rules. Being annoying isnt a reason to report players.

Luckily most players arent annoying and will just resign.


Yes, as aggravating as it may be, players should not be punished for behavious that is clearly within the rules of the game.


Then my question is; if this does not count as “griefing” what does? what is the report option for griefing suppose to cover?
the only 2 things i can think that count as “griefing” in this game are spamming flares all over the map and this, if im missing anything let me know.

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Deliberately killing your teammates in a team game with mangonel fire would probably count.


even if devs do nothing about this type of griefing, if everyone reported it the devs would eventually see how it affects enough people that they might actually start doing something about it…

but i reckon thats good enough reason for any game to report griefing, there is literally nothing the guy can do to win, or hardly even play, its not like he’s secretly building a base somewhere to make some insane last stand… there is nothing he can do with just docks

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So you want to ban this guy, that is, force him to buy the game a 2nd time, because he made you lose 4 min of time after probably a 1 hour game ? Also do you think it is reasonable to ask DE team to spend time reading complaints and watching recorded games in order to punish the 1% times where something like this happens, when they took 1 month to fix the Malay aging bug ?

Yesterday I played Lombardia and one teammate took my sheep can I report him as well ?


I hate when that happens. Lombardia is soo annoying.

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seeing the chat in the video I can see why @BeamiestSoda495 wants his opponent banned.

“I can still win”
“I am noob”

would be infuriating, if you’re having a bad day/game


It was around 15 min, in reality, I just posted some clips I mixed from my recording, i didn’t even start the recording as soon as it was obvious he was doing it so it was probably longer. and the problem is not that this ONE dude is doing it, the problem is that this happens quite often that I’m starting to get annoyed when i run into people like these, i have more recorded games like these I just decided this is finally the time to ask if this even useful to report or will admins just overlook this.

If not outright ban/warning, at least ban from the ranked part of the game, if he wants to ■■■■ up an unranked lobby, let him do it. I can at least leave when that happens and not worry about giving an ■■■ like that elo.

Your question basically boils down to; “do you think a multinational company that is making billions a year has the resources to monitor and ban toxic elements in its community”
The answer is yes, other games way smaller than this can do it obviously I expect Microsoft to be able to do the same, i don’t expect it to happen overnight but i don’t see why not unless this does not count as girefing which is why i asked the question in the OP.


This is the issue. The game is still so unstable and i always want to finish it as early as possible because i cant be sure that i am going to drop or not as the game goes on. So many times especially in team games i have the highest score also eliminate 1 or 2 of enemies and my game crushes spontaneously without any signs of lag or disconnection. So these annoying players keep hiding villagers and wait until all of us drop and win well yes they are not breaking any rules but they abuse the shitness of game


Ohhh, you are using a mod to show the range of your towers/castles? Some players migth consider that as an unfair advantage because they do not knew about that mod. There will be some guys who think that players getting unfair advantages should be banned. But still these mods are totally legal, same as walling in a single vill at the edge of the map and hope for disconnects. Additional maybe you were always telling them noobs or something like that at the start of the game and they were like “yeah this is what you get from that”.
Also the difference in points to your teammate is strage? Was he slinging in Castle? (can be seen as bad manner as well). Or maybe you are smurfing and low elo players are like: “we do not like smurfs, at least make their games as unenjoying as possible”?

These differences in points i only have seen in extremely unfair balanced unranked games…


If this counts as cheating then aoe should remove it from the workshop, i’ll be 100% fine with that.

I didn’t, i think i have the game rec and i can give it to you if you want, i only said 105 at the end of the game when they obviously lost already.

My teammate got tower rushed at feudal age while i just went fast imp and killed both my opponents villagers/buildings so obviously my score is gonna be inflated.

it sounds to me like you are making excuses for bad behavior by trying to compare it to installing a mod, when you install a mod from the offical workshop you assume it got the all clear, when you just waste time and hide all your units out of spite you don’t have any room to pretend this is some moral grey area when it’s 100% being a douch bag.

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Would this kind of situation be a good reason to introduced AI-assist? Obviously not a good AI, I wouldn’t want an AI to be better than the player it’s replacing in any way. Let your opponents play against AI for half an hour if they feel like it. They’d still be wasting your PC time, but at least you wouldn’t have to pay attention.

Maybe the idea I’ve seen floating around to replace dropped players with AI would do the trick.

Dont waste our time couse you have to play someone that uses the game rules to be annoying. The best thing to do is to make a note of the players name and dont play him/her again. And even more important, dont spend our devs time by posting whining about things that are inside the game rules. Play Standard victory and build a wonder, or get all relics, easy as that. If you want to play Conquest, you have to face the music.


Im not a Dev but I can only imagine the flow of whining posts that they have to read. And of course you dont have to care about what I think just as that person you played didnt care about your thoughts. I goes both ways. And Im not your buddy :stuck_out_tongue:


Correct, but i didn’t claim i was playing against my will unlike you.

Again this is not whining directed at one person or at the mods or at anyone, in fact its not whinning at all, read the OP again and see that all i asked for is clearification on this subject, i just want a yes or no in regerds to this question, that’s it.

Some very big games fail to do it, though. Gran Turismo Sport has sold over 8m copies, and there is virtually no enforcement of the driving standards people are supposed to follow in ranked competition, which is a major reason I’m not playing it any more.

As for the behaviour shown in the OP, I think if people are going to be banned for that, there needs to be a clear list somewhere of what isn’t acceptable. You have to bear in mind that the other player can’t see what you can see, and I think people sometimes have unrealistic expectations of how early the other player should resign. Yes, there is the score, but the way it works means it can be quite misleading, so a sizeable score difference in itself doesn’t necessarily mean the lower score person should resign. The person in the OP has taken it to an extreme, but if people were to be banned for it, a line would need to be drawn as to when it’s reasonable to play on, and when it isn’t, and this needs to be based on what that person can see, not what the state of the game is from the other player’s point of view.