Request: add a bigger map size option once new dlc arrives (bigger than luducruis)!

Ok listen I know luducruis is very big as it is, but for an Earth world map, it’s still not big enough, for example take a look at the stock real world “earth” map, i mean it may look pretty on the minimap but take a look at how small the landmasses are…

(you can barely settle in those above.)

For example take a look at some places like the british isles, japan, mexico, india, etc…, you either pick a water civ or you’re screwed.

The map is not even using all of the map space that luducruis offer, because it just wouldn’t look good or not all of the earth would fit in that angle (see those black bars?)

Now the reason i am suggesting this is because there is a lot of real world map creators that would like to create a truly inmersing and beatiful earth map, that can be played either for Diplomacy, FFA or team games (maybe even battle royale if it’ big enough)

We love to create detailed world maps in luducruis size like these, and while the luducruis size may be good for making maps of continents, it just doesn’t give justice to the size of earth.


Where is this East Asia map available from?

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why not. they should also increase the maximum number players and ai as well, so you can play a grand campaign like game on earth.

pushing the limits is something I’m always a fan of.


here, we make and host these real world maps for diplomacy games mostly

agreed, sadly there are too many gatekeepers to this, with horrible excuses such as “but the engine isn’t capable of handing too much!”


Well, it isn’t.

I messed around a little in the editor with a ludikris sized map that was mostly water but had lots of elevation on the shore. It stuttered immensely and actually corrupted my game so I had to reinstall. I couldn’t properly run ranked 1v1’s anymore, I would get massive input delays. No idea what caused it, but I know I got it twice, both times after messing with that map… I run the game on a laptop, but it’s a pretty decent laptop, and it was a few months old at the time. Now that was a bit over a year ago, maybe things got a little better, but probably not “let’s make maps with 4 times as many tiles” better.

Plus to properly play on such a map 8 players with a 200 pop limit is not nearly enough. Given how regular 2v2’s can already get the game to lag a bit sometimes, depending on what kind of a rig and connection all the player’s have…

Semi-ironically, if we could play with the classic graphics it might actually work. There might be actual hard limits to the engine that I don’t know about, but you didn’t need nearly the graphics memory and such that DE requires to play the CD or HD versions.

Now, I’ll recognize that there are specific instances where it could maybe work, like the example you give in the opening post, where you’re actively prevent half the map from being used. At the very least it could be a reasonable map for 8 players and a 200 pop limit, and the blocked off land tiles should eat relatively little memory and such too. But by far most of the cool things people will think off using this new map size will cause a problem sooner rather than later. And do we really need the devs to add a broken function?


If they somehow manage to make it work, then yes, I do think it’s worth the shot to try and do it, if it doesn’t work well it can be removed

Now I understand performance could get freaky and lag too, but these games wouldn’t really be played to sweat and tryhard it, it’s mostly for fun (especially real world diplomacy games)

Luducruis is already extremely big. I played it once and it already felt terrible big. Not sure why you need even bigger maps, while still having a good match. And then you have the potential lag issues with even bigger maps.


For singeplayer campaigns, f.e.

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If your PC isn’t able to play em (nobody is forcing you) , then don’t, also your “not sure why you need even bigger maps” argument shows how you didn’t even read the original post, in which I clearly state the reason, but oh well, go on with your armchair developer arguments.

You guys can’t complain until you’re on a ludakris forest nothing map, 4v4. Then come talk to me about lag.
I would love bigger maps, people aren’t forced to play them if they don’t want to and it gives people who do bigger maps. More pop space also would be nice without having to edit it with triggers in a scenario





Lol, yup

Oh and btw you can also type “FANTACC” in the mods list to see the other diplo maps my asian buddy made

You need 8 players that are able to play the map. My PC can probably handle an even larger map, but if i play with others who dont and are just dropping out of the game because of lag, then it will never be a good game.

I also have played luducruis, but it already felt way to big for a 4v4. If you really want a bigger map size, then you also need some more players or something like that. Not sure if this is really possible in the engine. I have heard it is limited to 9 players (one of the players is always gaia). And more players will also result in more performance issues for many players (again my PC can problem handle it fine).

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Even ludacris is unplayable, the current ludacris has a huge quality loss compared to giant or normal size maps and performance with units and more players is so poor, the game uses one thread for the simulation, unless you have a +10ghz CPU no one can handle such settings with the genie engine limitations.

This request is simply impossible unless you enjoy playing at 5 fps.

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look at the minimap, Half of the map is covered by void ofc it will be so small


because its impossible to cover the entire earth due to the shape of the map

I agree that it is impossible but that doesnt mean that u cover half the map with nothing

Why? Can’t you just do it side to side? It would still look like the earth, just at an angle a little. Tilt your head to the side and you would see it

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