[Request] Add back sail animations

In the HD edition and the original, there were animations during sailing and while your ships stood idle. Would be nice to get them back even though it would probably need a lot of work to be implemented back.


Devs must have tried to save space and performance.They should have just added 8 side units and 50 frames per side if they wanted to save up.

Wrong place to cut corners. :- (

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Yea let’s bump this one up, this is some actually important stuff.


yeah sail animations were great… would be nice ifthey brought em back


I’ve seen 3D games and park simulators run better than AOE2DE which is extremely embarassing. The gameplay engine is so poorly optimised to date that essential aesthetic elements from the game were cut to save space. Ridiculous.

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Hope they will add the sail animations back! It gave so much more life to naval battles in game.

Such as Regional Unit Skins as well…

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I think essential aesthetic elements involve things like

  • no skeletal decay animation that existed in HD. (very important)
  • unique ship sails and UI for the south asian architecture set.

Some such elements have been fixed in the early release of the game:

  • unique ship sails for the east european architecture set
  • arrows sticking to the ground

regional unit skin is a ambitious dream but the above are some important aesthetic elements that should be reasonably part of the game.

along with this there are also some great features that have been downgraded from older version of the game and should be added back:

  • ability to take screenshots of whole map
  • ability to setup LAN games
  • ability to add new civs by modding

Why is it ambitious?? Didnt you read this post here , many of the regional skins are already IN the game!

it is not enough they will have to make dozens more of unit graphics

I think open sourcing some of these unit graphic base models could help the community fill the gaps. But that’s unlikely to happen…

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