[REQUEST] Add in-game screenshot thumbnails for Single-player map selection screen

:arrow_forward: I like the thumbnail screenshots added for Multiplayer > Quick Play map selection screen. Thanks for adding them, if they’re new. I think they’re quite helpful; wonder if they’re a result of my past feedback asking for screenshot thumbnails? Hope so :slight_smile: Figured I’d make a formal suggestion/request now for the Single Player section.

:arrow_forward: May they be added to the Single Player > Skirmish map selection screen at some point, too? Maybe when rolling your mouse over an artsy thumbnail, it would show a screenshot from the actual map? Additionally, it’d be cool to rotate the thumbnail through different seasons if it can be snow, too, and different gaia/sheep/buffalo/turkeys possibilities it can or will have. Pause each rotation for a second or two.

:arrow_forward: Here’s the type of functionality that would happen if you hovered over the artistic thumbnail for Cenotes, for example (see screenshot below). Notice the pop-up above it. (Disregard the star icon, as that was from the Multiplayer screen; although I think adding ‘Favorites’ to single-player map selection would be nice. Also disregard the white arrow, of course.)

  • The pop-up would be immediate/responsive; no delay or animated unfurling. Pop-up shouldn’t cover up the artistic thumbnail at all, as you may want to study both in-full at the same time:

                                                              ----~ ♦ ♦ ♦ ~----

:arrow_forward: Here’s the Multiplayer screen I saw the cool screenshot thumbnails on…

                                                              ----~ ♦ ♦ ♦ ~----

:arrow_forward: In one of my old lengthy posts from April, I had mentioned this idea in a bit more detail:

When choosing a map where it shows a bunch of map tiles to choose from, the artistic representations aren’t detailed or clear enough to get an accurate account of what the map will look like.

I find myself having to actually launch a game with the map with “All Visible” to see what it looks like, then back out and pick another one because I don’t like it.

So, I wish you could hover over those artistic map tiles to see an enlarged pop-up preview using in-game graphics of what the map will actually look like in-game. (For simplicity and speed, it could just be a .JPG or .PNG image that pops up.)

Would like for that pop-up to rotate through different versions of the map you might see.
For example, rotate through its various foliage, trees, gaia, sheep/turkeys/buffalo food it might have, season possibilities, etc.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of turkeys as my food source or snow on my maps. I would be less apt to choose a map if I knew it had turkeys for food or high probability of snow.

Seeing a step in the right direction in-game already inspired me to bubble this up to its own thread.


To me, minimap is nice. Maybe by right-clicking giving more information about maps not bad idea. If old shift+F12 (complete screenshot) feature was existed I could suggest putting them.

And don’t forget to make it Optional.

This would probably cause the map selection menu to freeze completely for me. It already takes a noticeable account of time to load.

If it’s optional it might be fine. But this kind of thing needs to be tested on a weak computer before it’s rolled out for everyone.

PS: I also find the minimaps generally more informative than the screenshots.