[Request] Home city customization options for Native civs

Considering that in the September patch, Indians and Japanese can customize their home city, wouldn’t it be nice if the Native civs could do it too?

By the way, it’s not the first time this was requested either:


I think the devs also have the Native Americans in mind for future home city customizations especially the Incas and Aztecs? Foremost we have to see how the Japanese and Indian home cities customization would look like.


you can in the Beta PUP right now. Not a lot of options.

Don’t really see the point for the Lakota and Haudenosaunee.

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It would be nice to have the option to be able to actually see the Haudenosaunee shaman outside the longhouse.

I can think of a plethora of things I’d rather the devs focus on than customization options for native civs but to each their own.

These things were missing back in the ‘Warchiefs’ days. I’d love to see 10x more customization option for every single civ, but at this point… Even bringing it to civs that lack that feature is fairly work-intensive (not a LOT of content, but it still involves a wide array of people to pull out- 2d art, 3d models, animation, scripting, audio, design etc.). And it’s just cosmetics for a tertiary element with zero gameplay impact for both sp and mp players.

It’s important for me but not in top#5 on my list. And probably, at this point - not at all. Having DE + new expansion is already a miracle honestly.

That’s kinda meh then I was hoping as much as the Chinese home city options.

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Decorate the huts? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I hope they are going to add new customization options once all Home cities have the option


An option could be to customize the characters standing around in the Lakota/Iroquois home city screens. Many North American peoples weren’t afraid to express their individuality via clothing and appearance.

Perhaps the ability to add a dog to the Lakota camp. Pierre-Esprit Radisson famously ate a dog belonging to a couple of Lakota traders and lied about it.


There better be a morning star and evening star sky option for lakota!


That won’t happen. They said it

Who is “they”? The incompetent Bert Beckman? Anyways it doesn’t really matter what FE thinks. If they care about keeping their fanbase happy they ought to listen to them. Something they seem to be incapable of doing unfortunately.

Change time of day, add new patterns to the huts, add some random daily life stuff around them (pots, children, talismans…


Yup. Simple, normal things. Additional fire pits, new/different domesticated animals.
Different season (autumn instead of summer) or time of day. Add village healer/elder/warriors standing here and there. Maybe some children running around. Somebody busy with leatherworking or chopping wood. Somebody repairing weapons. Some supplies laying around. More decorated small architecture- well, paths, sitting furniture. Birds in the sky, some visitors from other tribes, or guest from other cultures or even continents…

I could list examples all day long. Just about ‘what and why’. Not saying they should, now, or that’ it’s a high priority thing.

Tbh like 60-70% of original options are color palette swaps, so that about how labor-intensive it is… One slider in Photoshop and a bit of coding.


I also think all civs would welcome one or two extra customization items added to their rosters. Unlocking decorations was a fun reward after the games, but I long ago unlocked everything for my five or six main civs. I miss that option.


I thought your ideas were great. Simple objects, their addition, clothing, lighting, the presence of animals and objects would add a lot, it would be a beautiful reward. As for the Aztecs, I think it would be an interesting option for the Aztec buildings to be converted to a white or cream colored texture, as there were Aztec laws that required most of the city’s buildings to be whitewashed, so Tenochtitlan, although it had colorful paintings on certain buildings, it was for the most part a white-painted city. The Aztec palace had a known design, even from drawings in the codices, there could be an option to replace the game palace with a more realistic version of the Aztec palace, even with a small zoo. The Inca temple, Korikancha, in the illustration of the Inca city, is correct, but in the Inca city itself, it has the wrong design. It could be replaced by a correct Koricancha design, with much more gold, with gardens that had corn stalks, peasants, llamas, guanacos and small trees, all made of gold on silver. The Inca palace should also have an option of a new structure, all decorated with gold plates and corn, llamas, pumas, vines coming down through the windows, all made of gold.