Request: infinite map size

I like playing games on AoE (II) DE that last days. For this use case, I can remove the population limit, but I cannot remove the map size limit.

I expect that this is because the map is precomputed rather than generated chunk-by-chunk on-the-fly. Therefore, I’m requesting with this post that this capability be provided by the game developers, since mere mods might not be able to.

This would finally allow me to play a game for weeks rather than days, something that I’ve always wanted.

Wirh the amount of effort that that would take, devs may as well make a new game. It’s not like you flip a switch and you get a new feature.

Good luck not crashing the game when it starts.


Obviously. @CanineCrown7153, I’m requesting a rewrite of the code that handles this. I don’t care if it comes in a new game that’s just AoE II DE but with this feature and costs £40.

@Mahazona, why would it crash? I can’t think of any method of infinite terrain generation that would inherently cause that behaviour.

I’d rather have more players then bigger maps.
Gigantic maps are hard to fill with 8 players.

I’m not joking: you may as well create your own proceduraly generated RTS than asking for a rewrite of the code. That surely won’t cost £40. There are tons of tutorials for Unity. I’m even following one now.

except for blackforest or island map

When designing scenarios I often run into the issue that I want more then 8 players, especially on large maps.
Only AoM has 12 players, but it doesn’t even have 12 civilisations so it’s not really that useful.

The largest map size is 4x the area of the second largest but the recommended size for 8 players is the 8th largest.
So there is easily enough space for 32 players!

more than 8 player sounds like a cool feature but sometimes game lag even with 6 players at 200 units. going 10 players at 200 units is not enjoyable

You can set the game to 500 population and 8 players if you want to.
You can go to the editor and increase the population limit even more of you want to.
In RoR you can make 1000 Legionaries with 500 population because they only cost 0.5 population each.

It’s not about making 6v6 a new ranked game mode.
It’s about giving players more options.
What if you want to make a scenario that needs 8+ different AIs then you just can’t make it. The AI is also bad at managing a divided empire. If they have two cities they will not really use both of them and will constantly send villagers between them.

Also just simply if you need more then 8 individual actors in a Scenario you just can’t.
It’s not like all of them need the full 200 population, maybe some just need 50-150 population.

If you want to make a coop scenario it gets even worse, now you only have 6 slots for AI.

I often have to leave parts of my scenarios empty because I run out of players. Which is pretty annoying.

it lags man too many players lag they need to fix the game first!!

They’ll have to rewrite large parts of the engine for more players to be possible.
That means that will only happen after they improved performance anyway.
It’s more of a long term goal.