Request: Infinity Ressources Mod

With all infinity, even Boar and sheep.
would be nice…

You can already play with infinite resources.

It’s only available on Skirmish but it should be in the same position as my screenshot

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i mean not the start Resources but thx anyway.
i mean the resource you can farm.

You can edit it like in my abundance RMS. You just need to add this to the object: resource_delta 2147483647. Example:

create_object FORAGE_BUSH
	number_of_objects 1
	number_of_groups 1
	group_variance 0
	group_placement_radius 3
	resource_delta 2147483647
	min_distance_to_players 5
	max_distance_to_players 10
	max_distance_to_other_zones 0
	avoid_forest_zone 1
	min_distance_group_placement 1

Just note that it is a bit glitchy with pathing for trees. Units can get stuck in a infinite loop going to them. You can just move them, try again, and it fixes the issue.

Edit: Here is the mod: Mods Single - Age of Empires