(REQUEST) Make elo visible in the unrated lobby browser

Currently, it is not possible to see the elo of players inside unrated game rooms before joining. It is cumbersome joining and asking every time just to see if it’s not gonna be a noob bashing fest.


I agree. We all want fun challenging games. It is no fun to be totally crushed or totally dominate. The best games are those where people have similar skill levels. There are a lot of new players that will lose interest after consistently getting crushed by people who have been playing fora a long time. Don’t trust “Noobs only” :slight_smile: in unranked lobbies


Agree. If not ELO then we need something like match played/winrate… at least something related the player’s level.


I am comming from age3 and i must say it, age 2 de multiplayer is bad. Yes, age 3 in multiplayer has bugs, but in age 2 i have no fun not to be able to get an fair game with all those smurfs. Why can’t we able to see the ranks from players regardless of the type of the game? In age 3 you have ELO and you can see the ranks directly in the game just holding the mouse over the player. Or with right click, you can read even more informations about a particular player.
Besides that, the statistic is pathetic in age 2 de comparing with age3!

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Totally agree, im just joining games and getting owned, I don’t mind losing but this is silly sometimes, we need some way of seeing what players we are playing.

Its no fun, maybe have to go back to HD on Steam.


This must come soon!

edit: Unranked, avatar portraits colors

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I agree, this is very important, but I believe you actually CAN see a metric of the opponents’ skill levels in the lobby - look at their portraits, there are different-colored borders around them, similar to Starcraft II.

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I have a gold banner around me, trust me I am not gold!

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Must agree with you, great oversight on part of the devs.
You want to encourage new players into the game need a ranking system of sorts for unranked, atm seems that 1 good player can dominate games not fun.

100% Agree, no fun getting bashed all games because I can’t see how good or a bad a player is, huge huge mistake by the devs to not implement this. Nothing wrong with how steam did it, new players don’t stand a chance.

I am having to play HD edition whilst I wait and hope something is done.

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Hi all,

We need some kind of system in unranked to show a players skill, we have no way of knowing how good anyone is resulting in a ■■■■ kicking.

If I go to ranked I have a set pool of maps I am forced into, why can’t I host a ranked game with the map I want?

Steam had it right in this instance. Please can we at very least get some kind of unranked skill level, or an option to host a ranked game?



Yes agreed we do need some sort of system in unranked, so we can gauge the other players ability so we can all have a fair game, nobody like getting steamrolled all the time.
It seems like just having one player who ability is far better than the others makes the games lopsided.
Why are you forcing us into a map pool in ranked? most of the pros play the same map all the time.
Who wants to play a map they don’t like.
This is a great game always has been but it’s a game where skill is very important, you don’t get better by losing all the time!! only disillusioned.
If you want to bring new players into this game, then you need a system in unranked that enables players to gauge others players skill level
The game look great btw
So please can you look at a system for unranked
Thank you

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Well we already have a rank system, they just need to show it in the lobbies

While I agree, the Elo should probably show up in the lobby. A lot of people don’t want to play ranked for some reason or another. Often because they like playing BF, Nomad, CBA etc.

i posted this a few times now, but i really like the ideas of zero empires for multiplayer matchmaking.

At about 2min he starts to talk about his ideas.

I like the idea of matchmaking even for unranked games and also that you can choose a map for ranked games. The UI is clean and you can see the skill of a player based on his rank (bronze, silver, gold, etc…). I think the ranks could be just a representation of your elo. Like
1400-1600 some bronze ranks (bronze 1, 2, 3)
1600-1800 some silver ranks
and so on.
I think that it also would feel better to “go up a rank” if your elo is hitting some specific point.


Yes but you only have a rank if you have played in rank matches, would be nice to have some kind of guide to ones ability in unranked
So we don’t have lopsided games.

Yes, there needs to be a better way to get custom matches with players of similar skill. But there IS a way to get an indication of opponent skill - look at the avatar icons in the game lobby, they have different color borders around them. I have no idea what exactly it signifies, but what’s certain is that new players have no border on their avatar, I as a novice player have a bronze border, and those with silver and gold borders have usually been much better than me.



Can somebody else confirm this?


If that is the case that will help a lot!!! Thanks!

Hello I don’t think you can read too much into this not played any ranked but have a gold icon

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