[Request] Official civ modding support

Allow us to add custom civs without workarounds if you’re not going to add new civs with DLCs. Right now, you can’t really add civs, the UI is not made for custom civs and you can’t add civs from several mods at the same time as far as I know like in the Civilization franchise.

Alternativelly add new civs via DLCs if you don’t want us to give the possibility. Or do both at the same time :wink:


I remember that one of the FE devs said that is hard to allow new civilizations via modding and they aren’t giving priority to that.
Even it seems the case for AOE1 DE.

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I’ve heard of this statement. Kinda sad to be honest. I hope we’re going to see it in the future.

Guess this engin is the same as HD then.