Request: Regional monks

Hi there guys. Idk if I should postthis here, but is therea mld for regional monks, lime it was in HD?


Indeed we should get regional monks/units/villagers as DLC after decades from the vanilla game.
Older gmes like rise of nations also had this.

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I would preffer not régional units, since it would be really confusing (there’s a lot of unit in aoe). Villagers could have different sking colours, tough. But monks I think are pretty different than any other unit, so you can identify them quite easily


Why would it be confusing after you get use to it?The new catapact looks different from the vanilla cant you identify it?

If having different looking units so confusing why are reskin mods so popular?


I think it’s a great idea, there should be something similar for villager and military units (for example the long swordman of eastern civilization could wield curve swords).
Maybe as a mod/function that you could activate for campaigns and casual games, and deactivate for more competitive online games.


Regional Kings too. Not just the fat man for all European kings. We need a Indian King as well as a Mongol khan on foot. Also regional queens, and priests, villagers and merchants with more specificity.

Also a Archbishop/Pope Unit which looks different from regular monks/priests.

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There were regional kings in Voobly. I Would like every unit to be regional, except military. Yeah, you getto recognize them, but fail to identify an unit would led to fail to know which unit play

Any screenshots of the regional kings?

Regional monks are really good.
After them, please put the riders on the war elephants’ back.

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Here you go

This is the exact same one as the AOE2:DE. I am hoping for even more specificity. Like the Korean King should be different from the Mongol King or Chinese King, and Indian King different from Saracen King, and same for Europeans.