REQUEST TO FORUM ADMINS about the 30 days time limit

I have created a topic about suggestions that spawned over 200 replies and some other folks have created theirs as well too. Although it is nice to keep things fresh, the setting of “no editing messages with over 30 days” really bothered us: sometimes it is much better editing a reply of 33 days ago that had 5 messages thereafter than making a 4th message.

  1. Our community is small and the updates are not frequent: sometimes we only have something to add +20 days later when an update or patch comes out.

  2. It’s better for devs to track suggestions and mods to moderate

  3. “Overflooding” the topic isn’t good: it ends ups being boring, tiresome and repetitive.

  4. The topic isn’t filled with new replies linked to a single past comment about a single subject. The reading becomes “cleaner” and more satisfying.

  5. New replies are nice for fresh and singular topics. But old bug lists, mechanics suggestions, QOL, lore that have been up for several months need a higher time limit to allow us to make to editions.

  6. I don’t know for how much you should configure it: 60 days? 45 days? 90 days? I don’t know: but 30 or less is definitely too harsh for a community like ours. Reddit has a much more “renewed content” and the topics are free for editions for six months!

  7. This suggestion is based solely for huge topics (suggestions in progress/ yet to be implemented) and it certainly won’t reduce the amount of messages in the forum.

  8. There are only benefits for the moderation, developers and users. Would you consider it?

  • I talked to a mod and he was gentle enough to suggest me to send him the editions since he can’t give permissions or change forum settings. I really appreciate his suggestion but
    I feel I have to express this QOL for the forum.

Thank you for your time.