[Request] Unique voice lines for Sicilians, Burgundians, Goths, Byzantines and Huns

Reusing civ voice lines would feel kinda lazy.

I suggest Burgundians speaking Burgundian, Sicilians Sicilian, Goth Gothic, Byzantines Greek and Huns Chuvash

Possible Gothic lines (Credits: Eljuma):

Common lines

  • Ja? - Yes?
  • Gagrefts þeina? - Order?
  • Manwus - Ready
  • Ja, bi sunjai - Why, yes
  • Raihtaba - Right
  • Þata skal - That I shall
  • Sunjaba - Truly

Villager lines

  • Triu du maitan - To cut wood
  • Waiþjan - To hunt
  • Fiskon - To fish
  • Galisan - To gather
  • Insaian - To sow in
  • Usgraban - To quarry
  • Timrjan - To build
  • Aftratimrjan - To repair

Soldier lines

  • Biqimaiþ ins! - Storm them!
  • Haifstei! - To battle!
  • Weih! - Fight!
  • Wara Ingoþalan - Defend the Fatherland

Byzantine lines (Credits:Eljuma):

Common lines

  • Kaliméra (Καλημέρα) - Hello (formal)
  • Naí? (Ναί?) - Yes?
  • Parangelía sas? (Παραγγελία σας?) - Your order?
  • Etoimos (Ετοιμος) - Ready
  • Sostá (Σωστά) - Right
  • Tha to káno (Θα το κάνω) - I’ll do it
  • Fysiká (Φυσικά) - Of course

Villager lines

  • Kóvo (Κόβω) - I cut
  • Synkentróno (Συγκεντρώνω) - I gather
  • Kynígo (Κυνηγώ) - I hunt
  • Psarévo (Ψαρεύω) - I fish
  • Kalliergó (Καλλιεργώ) - I cultivate
  • Skávo (Σκάβω) - I dig
  • Chtízo (Χτίζω) - I build
  • Episkevázo (Επισκευάζω) - I repair

Soldier lines

  • Katastréfo! (Καταστρέφω!) - I destroy!
  • Tha diapráxo! (Θα διαπράξω!) - I will commit!
  • Palévo! (Παλεύω!) - I fight!
  • Pros ta emprós! (Προς τα εμπρός!) - Forward!
  • Kýrie éléison! (Κύριε ἐλέησον!) - Historical battlecry, Greek for “Lord have mercy”
  • Nobiscum deus! - Historical battlecry, Latin for “God is with us”

Monk lines

  • Staurè, boéthei (Σταυρέ, βοήθει) - Cross, come to our aid (historical motto)
  • Sti diáthesí sas (Στη διάθεσή σας) - At your service
  • Katalavaíno (Καταλαβαίνω) - I understand
  • Tha to káno amésos (Θα το κάνω αμέσως) - I’ll do it immediately

King lines

  • Esy ti theleis? (Εσυ τι θελεις?) - What do you want?
  • Giatí me enochloúsate? (Γιατί με ενοχλούσατε?) - Why did you bother me?
  • Poia eínai i efcharístisí sas? (Ποια είναι η ευχαρίστησή σας?) - What is your pleasure?
  • Me ti chári mou (Με τη χάρη μου) - By my grace
  • Ópos proteínate (Όπως προτείνατε) - As you suggested
  • Staurè, boíthei Romanón despótin (Σταυρὲ σου βοήθει Ρωμανόν δεσπότην) - Cross, aid the Roman lord (historical motto)

I suggest Aztecs speaking Nahuatl.


At least they have unique lines, but yeah, would love to see that too.

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Hmmmm…impressive. I like how you put forth language examples including translation for the languages into English.

As a amateur historian, I feel like I have to ask: are these languages historically accurate enough to properly represent Burgundians, Sicilians, Goths, and Huns?

I am no linguist expert…but from the videos it would seem that you get the language correct for Burgundian and Sicilian, but I do wonder if you are correct for the Gothic language and the Hunnic (Chuvash) language?

Such as, for the latter: did the Huns actually speak a dialect similar to the Turkic Chuvash language? Do you have history academic resources to prove that the Huns did speak Chuvash (or at least a close relative of it)? Chuvash language - Wikipedia

Also: do you agree with the current voice lines for the Burgundians and the Sicilians as they are right now?

I haven’t created those dialogue lists nor the language videos. I just wanted to showcase that FE could change the civ dialogue if they wanted.

The reason to pick Chuvash for Huns is that Attila the Hun in Civilization 5 used this as dialogue. Historians as far as I know are not really sure what the Huns actually were from an ethnic POV , but reusing the Mongolian dialogue feels kinda lazy. I guess they either spoke a Mongolic, Turkic or Yenisean language. Which one exactly will probably be forever unknown. I’d just take one which hasn’t been already used in the game and belongs to one of those language families, though probably not one of the Yenisean language because Ket and Yugh is basically dead right now.

I kinda like them. Though it feels weird to have Italians speaking Latin while we have Sicilians speaking Italian with a Sicilian dialect. Considering my Native language is French, I have the feeling that I understand almost all new unit lines which can get kinda annoying after a while XD

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So what are the Burgundians speaking? Old French? Modern French with Burgundian dialect? Old Burgundian dialect?

Burgundian it seems. Might be wrong though.

As in modern Burgundian?

I wonder if the Burgundians are speaking either Franco-Provençal/Arpitan or Walloon? The Flemish Militia need to speak Flemish Dutch after converting from the Flemish Revolution tech. Is there anyway to have a female-specific unit model for Flemish Militia? Currently, the only way to distinguish male and female is clicking on individual units, where females only have villager lines & males have military ones.

Did you release this mod on the AOE2 Mods Workshop? I’d be interested in it. Did you do only the villagers or military units as well?

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I think their model look slightly different from each other, but the difference is pretty minimal and not noticeable at all in the heat of action.

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chuvash is just a branch of Turkish language :slight_smile:

Turkic language, like Crimean Tatar or Chagatai which Cumans respectively Tatars speak.

There are many Turkic tribes around eurassia and many of Hunnic tribe leaders name such as Attila , Munchuk etc. very common names that are used in Khazakhistan,Tataristan and modern Turkey (Turkic civs) . Probably Huns were of Turkish and Mongol mix origin or something like that.

in game Turks Tatars and Cumans speak %80 same which looks accurate

Fair enough. For me though, I think changing the Huns’ architecture style is more important than changing their voice lines from the Mongolian voice lines to something else, like Chuvash. I dislike that the Huns look like they are using Medieval German buildings (buildings that look more of the late Medieval Ages rather than the late-Ancient-Dark Ages-early Medieval period that the Huns and the Goths were a part in. I want the Huns to have a “ruined building” architecture style)

That is a very good idea!!!

As a history geek, it is a little annoying that Byzantines speaks Latin instead of Greek. They adapted Greek as their official language in r. 610-641 (according to Wiki). Also, Byzantines influenced the Bulgarians and other Slavic civilizations to become Orthodox Christians. If I recall correctly, the Byzantines were the first Orthodox Christians. Thus, it is not a very historically accurate fact that they have a Catholic church.

Finally, very nice work with the Gothic! Impressive! Keep it up!!!

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I was going to release it sooner, but the Monk sounds overlapped with the Italians. That is no longer the case, so I’ll put it up now!


How about an Orthodox Southern European Monastery (for Byzantines) and a Catholic Eastern European one (for Lithuanians & Magyars)?

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Okay, I’ve released a mod that changes the Byzantines’ voice lines to AoM Greek: