Requesting Updated info on Taunts Mod

Hi folks,
I’ve been reading several topics on this matter since this morning and it is still very confused at the moment for me.

I used to have a taunt mod on AoE2HD, with a total of 452 French taunts, recorded myself 90-95% of them, from countless classic original or dubbed movies, got with the years (I know it’s crazy, we’re getting old!!!) more than 2k French followers, which is awesome, and “gratifying” (do not not if it’s correct?), regarding the time spent doing it, so please understand I’m very very very willing to make it on AoEII DE.

I would be very gratefull if someone with the knowledge could enlighten me on the following :

  • Could I put 452 customs taunts in DE? I’ve found many taunt mods with “only” 250 taunts.
  • Does anyone have come with a solution to WHERE are located the files? Or, even better, has someone put an updated guide on How to make a taunt mod? Understand It’s been a while since I’ve run modification (2018) so I’m just rusty…
  • Because the mod will be for French players, do there is any other specification I have to know regarding a non ENGLISH mod?
  • If, I ever made it, how do I share it? How does this mod platform works? I’m just used with old workshop.

Thanks for reading,

Have a good day!

PS: The only reliable information I have found so far are (will update if I’ve got any answer :slight_smile: :

I converted the mp3 to wav using Goldwave

I followed this to convert to wem files. you can use Vorbis now it is no longer bugged.
Then just make sure you have the folder structure right when you upload it. resources\_common\random-map-scripts\yourfile.wem