Resending cards on age V

i dont know what cards can be resend before i go age V, they should have a specific color or something.

i can get 44 griot build max limit with resending cards.
but i dont understand why i can resend 1000 wood but not 1000 influence card. The margin of both cards are the same, but one of them is resending and the other not.

i post pictures.
image 1. i sent all cards on age IV
image 2. my deck
image 3. when i reach age V only these cards can be resend.

but there is no form to know what cards can be resend

so i conclude that all cards taht have villagers or militar units are resending, also cards with sources, except influence. But these cards dont have a margin that distinguishes them.

All non-upgrade cards can be sent again. Although I would like some imperial age only cards instead. The double sending bonus rarely has an impact. Like who would like to send the 6 muskets card again in imperial age??


well 1000 influence card cant be sent and is not upgrade.
but build limit card of griots can be resend i dont know if that is upgrade or not

Posiblemente en el caso de las cajas de influencia es que lo hayan pasado por alto. Debería de ser como los otros recursos.

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This may be a bug… you should be allowed to send 1000 influence.

But griot build limit, no I think.

Hopefully the devs see this.

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Imperial cards should be implemented for all civilizations. This would make treaty games more interesting.

The ‘Battleship’ New ship spotted in the scenario editor has been highly requested as an affordable unit playable in multiplayer matches. This ship could be such a shipment. I think it would be a good way to implement imperial cards. New elite units for each civilization and powerful new technologies.

We would have to expand the deck to 30-35 cards, but keep the total 25 until the industrial age. Imperial Cards Suggestion