Imperial Cards Suggestion

It would be nice to see Imperial cards created. I think that for Ages 1-4 you would still stick to the 25 out of 25 cards but Imperial cards would not be considered part of the 25 out of 25 and instead would have their own limit 5 out of 5 (or whatever amount seems fair). Thoughts?


i dont think its a good idea, it would hurt lategame balance too much.

if you plan to get to imperial you probably should have an infinite send unit shipment.


I like that idea. But I think they should all cost coins to use since in principle they would be very powerful.

They should not be improvements. Only units and with a cost in coins.

Imperial is pretty much an “I won” buttom already.

If the opponents don’t follow you into Imperial or end the game right away they just lose since the imperial age bonuses are insane, so I don’t think adding any more stuff to it will be good design.

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Maybe for the treated mode.

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It should be like a mini age 6. Pay to unlock and have access only to units. And also that the letters themselves cost coins.

This could be a good example of an imperial card:

Me gusta la idea. Las cartas podrían ser para una estrategia única y representativa de la facción

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They could be cards that allow you to rebuild wonders. Give new buildings, or a way to implement the fourth resource in a more effective way (In case the Europeans get to have it).

For pre-Columbian civilizations they could give access to flagship buildings, since they lack these. For example, the Aztecs were excellent constructors and only have basic buildings.


Well, an option would be that Imperial just unlocks five more slots in the deck with cards preselected from the regular deck. It would thus add a new benefit to Age five, without having to create a whole new deck of cards.

Who knows maybe then we would get to see some of the interesting but currently unviable cards getting some action. After all, Age 5 is supreme late game already, and the needs of such a gameplay aren’t exactly the same as early or mid game.

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