New ship spotted in the scenario editor

Taken from this post from Reddit: found this badboy in scenario editor. Any idea what it is or will be? : aoe3 (

The user gayish_flowers on reddit has found a new mercenary ship in the scenario editor. Could this be a individual addition or are the devs preparing a naval rework with new ships for latter eras? In any case, here’s the Battleship (all of the images are from the original post):

I personally love the details this ship has, hopefully you can use it in skirmish and not just in any upcoming campaign or scenario. So what do you think?


It could be an unique replacement for the Frigate/Man-o-War for a new civ. We needed a picture of it side-by-side with other ships to compare its size.


This looks cool. I always find it weird that frigate (the lightest ship-of-the-line) is the most advanced battleship for all civs.


The ship is HUGE, by far the largest counting the asian ones. Also, its rate of fire insane

Battleship rate of fire - YouTube - in this video you can see how fast it fires (for some reason i can’t insert it here)


Looks like Ship of the line which should be more powerful than frigates but slower.

So its mercenary version of current frigate?

Broadside is going to be 18x30 and x3 vs ships? Mmm its going to be fun.


Because all ships fire their guns one by one in this game except with broadside.
As it has so many guns it should fire much faster XD.


Talking about this, this ship has a broadside attack in their stats, but the ability doesn’t appear in the UI. It’s probably not fully implemented, but interesting nonetheless.

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perhaps a general update to europeans?


It is way too massive to be a Frigate replacement.
This is likely a Scenario/Campaign unit, or a new unit altogether.

Please, devs, make it so.
And give us some Steamships too.


I think they are going to add more options for imperial age across the board. For natives it was the captured hotwizer in the latest patch, maybe for europeans is this ship, along with changes for naval play.

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It can be shipment-only similar to sipahis, or something like a late-game church/capitol tech…

Very late game options make nice (and easy) additions. They would not interfere with the balancing of standard matches while adding much more flavor to the overall gameplay.


Natives should go with the Outlaw theme, and likely get Pirate Ships next. Having a large number of them for hire at the Docks, would actually help them in Water, a lo.

also, giving more incentive to age up instead of revolting or pushing in industrial, at least more than just the upgrades.

So I think the video was private and couldn’t be seen but it’s up now (hopefully): Battleship rate of fire - YouTube

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Now that is a cool looking ship

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Yes, it is.
Let us hope they add more Ships, like Brigantines, Xebeks, Galliots, Gallivats, Ghrabs, Dhows, Brigs, Corvettes, Cutters…

This game is literally set in the Age of Sail, yet it has an impressive lack of Ship designs and upgrades.


I just wish that the anmation of the sea battles was the same as legacy.

i would personally love to see Jylland (screw frigate participated in the last line battle in history: battle of Helgoland 1864) in the game.

but i guess well see what comes after the African DLC.


They need to be more coherent with ships. We still have sail ships, wooden ships and row ships in the age of steam. They either need to add new ships to fill in the gap between 1800 and 1890 or add upgrades for the sail ships to keep up with the technology as you age up.

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I agree, though I think there should still be some sail ships around in Imp.

*The monitor, for example, needs to be renamed to Bomb Ketch, and a real Monitor (Ironclad with Turret) added in to the game.
*Caravels and Galleons should at least upgrade into Cutters and Corvettes.
*Galleys and Fluyts should at least upgrade into Xebeks and Galliots.
*Every Euro civ should have an Imperial Ship class added to them, depending on History (Brits, Dutch, Russians, Ports get Battleship; French, Germans, Ottos, Swedes get Monitor).

There really is no excuse now, for how lazy this game has been with Naval History. Not after the USA gets their own fully unique Docks lineup.


Natives dont need any help in water but wood, they have water dance thats insane